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Festivals around the world

No description

Linda Garcia

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Festivals around the world

Festivals Of The World The festival of San Fermin SPAIN Carnival Brazil Germany Festival of Holi INDIA China New Year Festival HISTORY Tradition Why HISTORY How is it celebrated HISTORY How is it celebrated HISTORY How is the festival celebrated HISTORY The Celebration 5 Legends Began In India When Where Running of the bulls Oktoberfest Beer (Marzen ) The Celebration Unity How is it celebrated The Celebration When:
Late Sept-Early October
16 days long Where:
Munich, Bavaria
Germany Why:
BEER! aka Spring Festival Identified as Lunar New Year 4 thousand yrs ago and last for 15 days Why Where When Historically:
Celebrate the Kings marriage
1810 Currently:
Beer halls, Fair Preparation work -i.e. what to do before the celebration starts Duration Consists Lederhorsen and the dirndl Friends & Relative visitings New Year Eve Banquet dinner Good wishes and lucky money Lantern Feast Symbols Decorations Attire Music what to do during the celebration that might impact the rest of the year the 15th days , also the end of the ceremony Honor Saint Fermin City of Pamplona,
Navarre, Spain July 6th - July 14th 9 days Giants & big-heads Running of the bulls Chupinazo Everyday from July 7th - 14th
1/2 mile long
15 people have been killed since 1910 The Procession Paint faces
Music Traditions
Rituals Brewing compaines Food Music 46 days before Lent Rio de Janeiro
Sambadromo celebrate life
compete for fun
the honor feathers
huge/ colorful
sequins headresses
skimpy coverups
huge elaborate costumes differentiates between schools
themes chosen months in advance
can be anything samba school theme picked, then recorded and released to record stores spectators/ judges who overlook from the Sambadromo
floats from the top samba schools vie for the honor of being the winner 3 days in Febuary/March
preperations done months in advance Major People King Momo
Queen/ Princesses of Carnival
Vanguard group
Percussion Band (Bateria) The Flag Carrying Couple
Whirling Ladies (Baianas)
Carnival Designer
Aftermath winner announced on Ash Wednesday, the day following th end of Carnival Costume and Rifeleman's
parade The tapping of the keg Festival of Oranges Italy HISTORY Where How Is it Celebrated occur Duration Consists The Celebration WHY
The festival is carried out in remembrance of a newly married womens protest
Symbolic of struggle with a tyrant.
Lord Raner Di Biandrate believed he had right to sleep with every newlywed bride. This festival takes place in Ivrea Italy. Three Consists of two groups fighting against another. The festival begins the weekend before lent. Two rival groups pit against one another. with differing teams making up one group Festival lasts for three days. ATTIRE
Uniforms for teams of each district such as:spades, chess,panthers, Devil and Death. Oranges symbolize the head of Ranieri.
Red Hat can be worn to avoid being hit by oranges the hat denotes freedom.
Football type fencing helmets.
Long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts with v-neck in front. Timbers burning in public square represent burning of Ranieri's.
castle Cornmeal and Fish
There are a couple of dishes which are served during this event
Since mid 19th century a newly wed aristocrat wife volunteers to Violetta Mugnaia.
Peolple on foot represent commoners and Carriages represent Nobilitty
Coordinators of event wear uniform of Napoleons army
Fat beans WHEN
This festival began in 1194 with a miller's daughter executing the tyrant Where The festival began in Northern Italian town of Ivrea which is located in the Piedmont region.
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