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One Child

Project for EDEC 744

Jill VandenHeuvel

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of One Child

Nicolle is an
exceptional student! Nicolle is a second-grader in the
Partial-French Immersion program at
Midway Elementary School in Lexington, SC.

She is at the very top of her class
in nearly every subject! She is a very self-directed person.
She practices Math skills
with her classmates, and goes above-
and-beyond in writing activities. Nicolle is an enthusiastic learner.
She jumps right in to cultural
activities, such as learning about the
French celebration "Mardi-Gras." Nicolle is cooperative.
She works well with all
other students and often takes
a leadership role in group activities. She is an active listener.
She participates in all large-group
activities in Math and Science (French), as well as in Language Arts and Social Studies (English). How did Nicolle become
such a great learner? Discovering Nicolle's
"Funds of Knowledge" Nicolle's Parents Nicolle's Brothers Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Bermas & Mrs. Merk 1st Grade Teachers
Ms. Carroll & Mrs. Gregory Related Arts Teachers,
Especially Mrs. Behrends (Art) Current Conditions of Learning:
An environment that promotes Literacy and Global Awareness in 2nd Grade classrooms
with Ms. Godard and myself. After-school Art class Weekend Acting Class Cheerleading Who is Nicolle teaching? Her peers.
Nicolle's enthusiasm for
learning is contagious! Her Parents.
Nicolle is showing them more
about the process of language
acquisition, among other things! Her brothers.
The relationship between
Nicolle and her brothers is
symbiotic! Her Kindergarten teachers.
Nicolle's teachers developed new
ways to enrich the learning experience
of advanced students like Nicolle. Nicolle's 1st Grade Teachers.
Ms. Carroll and Mrs. Gregory
continue to be amazed at
Nicolle's progress with literacy,
Math, and language learning. The Related Arts Crew.
Nicolle's teachers attest to her
giftedness in all areas of education.
Nicolle's rich cultural knowledge has
inspired teachers from one end of
the school to the other! Nicolle is teaching ME!
She has taught me
to have high expectations for my students.
to be a careful "kid watcher."
to listen to every word spoken by students.
that it is essential to get-to-know the kids I'm teaching.
to help students make connections between home and school.
to appreciate the vast funds of knowledge represented by students.
to be as excited about learning as I want my studens to be.
What a truly enjoyable experience "Kid watching" is! asldko
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