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The Story of Writing a Story

This is a presentation to summarize the work done for a school project which entailed beginning to write a novel.

Larissa Miller

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of The Story of Writing a Story

Where and when?
Knights, barbarians, princesses
How to even begin: Outlining
Research, research, research!
The Barbaric Knight
Time to move again
Kingdom of
Choosing the right setting is very important
Historical accuracy is definitely a plus
The Story of Writing a Story
Ecarlat Family
King Franz
Queen Angelica
Prince Victor
Princess Irina
Others at Ecarlat Castle
Sir Terrin
Sir Cassius
Count Merek
Germanic Barbarians
Those from Milan
It all began with one lonely sentence:
A young princess is compelled to find her father behind enemy borders.
...but it's so much more than just that.
There are three main disasters and an ending. First I summarized with one sentence, then a paragraph, then a couple paragraphs, and finally a short summary of 21 chapters.
A lot of research goes into writing a novel:
How to write, the basics
"Write your heart out" - Joyce Carol Oates
Medieval times
Armor, food, manners,feudalism, knights, territory, Crusades, barbarians, etc.
Character names
How to get published
Getting published is strictly business
Timing and chance

And they lived happily ever after...
Ecarlat Castle is attacked, and King Franz is captured. Queen Angelica takes ill, dying a week later, and Irina must flee while her brother, Prince Victor, defends what remains.
Irina and her guards are attacked by barbarians on their way to Neuchatel. A fight ensues, but Princess Irina and Sir Terrin are taken as prisoners.

Sir Terrin is killed in a fight with a barbarian who doesn’t trust him. Irina convinces her friend Marius to take her away so that she can spy on the enemy in Milan.

Prince Victor, who was acting as king, is killed, so Irina must return to her people and become queen.
As the enemy approaches, Irina must end the war diplomatically or all will be lost.
Sorry! I can't give away the ending.
The novel may possibly be published sometime in the very far off future, so you can buy a copy then.
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