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sensational seasons

No description

Ellie Veitch

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of sensational seasons

sensational seasons by Ellie and Chloe introduction seasons change and effect life on earth for many years we didn't know what they were and how they happen in this presentation we will talk about: what causes the seasons the link between the tilt of the earth and the seasons sit back, relax and enjoy the presentation what causes the seasons and the link
between the tilt of the earth and the seasons seasons are caused by the tilt of earths rotational axis angle- 23.5 degrees as it rotates the sun at two times every year we receive between direct and indirect sunlight- Autumn and Spring . conclusion revolution + tilt = seasons THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND LISTENING because of earths tilt while revolving the sun, one hemisphere is either receiving direct or indirect sunlight and the other hemisphere is either receiving direct or indirect sunlight if one hemisphere is receiving direct sunlight it is summer if one hemisphere is receiving indirect sunlight it is winter seasons have been happening since the dawn of time do you have any questions?
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