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Food security and international students at deakin burwood

No description

simone rendina

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Food security and international students at deakin burwood

Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 HSH201 ALT3 Food security and international
students at Deakin Burwood 60% of International Students at Deakin Burwood Involved in the O-Week multicultural festival 80% of international students at Burwood Deakin to have the opportunity to be educated on how to create and purchase Australian foods 50% of Australian students to have tried cultured food/dishes on Deakin, Burwood Campus By Broden, Mariam and Simona Quick Facts Happy, Healthy Deakin Burwood Students!!! Strategies: O-Week food festivals Survey on preferred foods for both international and local students Strategies : Dining at Deakin Information sessions Support groups Strategies: Pop up food stalls each week Capacity building Promotion through mass media flyers Survey 10% of international students were food insecure without hunger and 30% with hunger, a total of 40% experiencing food insecurity, nearly half the international population at Deakin University (Miceski) Whitehorse community population: 154208
14,000 aged between 18-24
29% born overseas, mainly in China
Asia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka
Deakin University has approximately 8,000 plus international students Goal: Improve food security at Deakin University, Burwood Timeline: March - May: Gather and analysis results
from surveys from the multicultural stalls in
June: advertise "Dining at Deakin" for the
beginning of Semester two
July-Oct: Run the pop up stalls in conjunction with Dining at Deakin
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