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Mr. Woodhouse


Cameron Peck

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Mr. Woodhouse

Mr. Woodhouse's
Top Five Useful URL's www.singleseniorsmeet.com
"Started in 2002, as primesingles.net, to bring like minded singles together in a safe, clean, and fun enviornment" www.homedepot.com
"When severe weather hits, we're here to help" www.art.com
Posters, Print and Frame Art Leader
"Bring natural aroma to your home!" www.weather.com
"National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar, and Report" The Lure-
For Emma to be born, Mr.Woodhouse had to have a wife. With Emma married, he could use a new friend. Mr. Woodhouse is always so worried about
his safety and the condition of his home. Homedepot
will help him keep his conscience satsified. Mr. Woodhouse complains about the
temperature more than once in Emma.
Having a constant supply of firewood
will help him stay warm! Mr. Woodhouse enjoys
Emma's paintings, but he
could use some high quality
art too! Whenever Mr. Woodhouse goes out
somewhere, he fears that there will
be a weather change, and won't be able to come home. Weather.com will
keep him informed on the weather forecast so he doesn' have to worry.
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