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A Hero's Journey- Howl's Moving Castle

No description

Celine Park

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey- Howl's Moving Castle

A Hero's Journey Howl's Moving Castle Our Hero, Her Known & Unknown World Atonement & Return Sophie, an obedient daughter who works in the family hat shop who never does anything for herself Turnip Head, a kind someone also under a curse, helps find Sophie find the castle Mentors & Helpers Along the Way 1. After the transformation, our hero must hike, in her old body condition, all the way up the Wastes, where no humans dare to venture, in the search of a wizard Howl is alive and with his heart Always stays in the hat shop and not very sociable Sophie is not very familiar with the magic world The Wastes, where only witches and wizards venture The Call to Adventure! The Witch of the Wastes puts a spell on Sophie that causes her to become an aged woman. But the worst part is that Sophie isn't able to tell anyone of her curse. So Sophie goes off to find a wizard to break the curse Markl, Howl's young apprentice, who is learning magic helps Sophie adjust to the magic world Calcifer, a fire demon who made a deal with Howl when he was younger
Originally came as a falling star but struck a bargain for Howl's heart. Finally, we meet the infamous HOWL A powerful wizard who is known for breaking girl's hearts But we learn that he is really just a coward and runs away when scared Because of the deal he made with Calcifer, he has no heart in him & can turn into a raging monster Technically the damsel in distress Crossing Over to the Threshold of Magic After Sophie enters the castle, she makes a deal with Calcifer to try to break his curse in exchange for curse to broken as well Sophie works as a cleaning lady to be able to stay with them and Howl Sophie adjusts well to the magic world with the help of Markl and Turnip Head and is with awe and amazed by it Tests & Trials of Sophie pt. 1 There's nothing but witches & wizards up there, grandma! 2. While Sophie is cleaning the filthy "castle", she gets "carried away" while cleaning Howl's magic potions and Howl throws a rampage when his hair is dyed different colors 3. When Howl is summoned to the king to serve for the war, he wants to run away but then persuades Sophie to go instead of him, pretending to be his mother, saying that he is too much of a coward where Sophie's care for others show continuously 4. Sophie's mother comes to visit but she is secretly working for the king and Sulliman. Calcifer's defense is weakened and the bombs from the war are continuously being dropped Tests & Trials pt. 2 5. Sophie urges Howl for them to just run away again but Howl doesn't want to run away anymore and wants to protect Sophie. At this time, unconsciously, Sophie turns back to her young state, this time permanently. Sophie then wants to disconnect the castle from the town to stop Howl from protecting them there and attempts to remove Calcifer from the castle Abyss When Calcifer is removed from the castle, the castle collapses & as they attempt to find Howl, the Witch of the Wastes grabs Howl's heart that was in Calcifer & as a result Sophie pours a bucket of water on Calcifer. They are all separated and Sophie realizes she may have killed both Calcifer and Howl. Transformation & Revelation Then Sophie finds the main door to the castle and enters into Howl's childhood scene where he first met with Calcifer and made the deal to give Howl's heart to Calcifer in order for Calcifer to live. Sophie finally realizes how to break their curse and shouts out to them as the ground sucks her in. She finds the rest of her friends with Howl and puts Howl's heart back into his body while Calcifer becomes a shooting star and is finally free Sophie ends up as a more courageous and caring person than the beginning of the movie The war ends when the lost prince returns (thanks to Sophie) and Howl & Sophie have a happy ending together with a new castle. "A heart's a heavy burden"
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