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Mind, Brain, Education

Small Group presentation: Our "a-ha" moments

Brett Brosseit

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Mind, Brain, Education

Mind, Brain, Education MBE is variability Alistair, Alexis, Beth, Bernardita, Brett, Judy, Kathy E., Kathy R.,Silvia Helena, Dayton, OH; Naples, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Fort Worth, TX; London,England; New Delhi, India; Shanghai, China; Puerto Varas, Chile Middle School, Law School, Community College, International School, Administrator, Teacher, Biomedical training, Parent, Advocate, Founder WE are a living network EDUCATORS Brett Emotion matters!
Awareness of relationships
Introspection is needed to create knowledge
Must be relevant!
Design for variability
Goals focus attention
Motion can be distracting
We have reached our working memory capacity A-ha moments How do we improve learning? How are neural networks changed?
How do I have time to plan, design, and implement for variability?
How do we teach this?
Meditation benefits?
Adult learning strategies?
How do we let go of old practices?
How do we help the school community understand?
What myths do I need to explode in my school? Struggles, Grapplings,
Neural networks still being created Key Take Aways Multi-representational teaching; Every brain is different
Variability is the rule
The myth of the statistical average
New things emerge from chaotic relationships
Students need to know what and why
Relevance causes engagement
Context matters!
Plasticity! It is never to late to learn.
Novelty holds attention Beth Silvia Alistair Kathy Judy Kathy Bernardita Alexis "Each year that we delay aligning education with what we know about the brain, we are cheating our students the most important resource for the survival of our species; the creativity and innovation of our next generation" Abigail Thank you to the excellent instructors and facilitators!
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