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iPads in Teaching & Learning at Lone Star College-CyFair

How iPads are being deployed at Lone Star College-CyFair in Cypress, TX. Information on our Semester-Long Faculty Pilot Program, Short-Term Checkout iPads and iPad Kits, and training sessions on iPads in the context of teaching & learning.

Georges Detiveaux

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of iPads in Teaching & Learning at Lone Star College-CyFair

Tablets on Campus:
Deploying Tablets in Teaching & Learning Georges Detiveaux
Manager, Instructional Technology & Adjunct Support
Teaching & Learning Center
Lone Star College-CyFair
Cypress, TX
Georges.j.Detiveaux@LoneStar.edu Origins of Program By 2011, several faculty members were already asking for tablets
Requests for them were everywhere (C-TAC, Mini-Grants, CFTIG, etc.)
To alleviate the traffic of these requests, we used C-TAC funds to purchase some
To centralize how they are secured, supported, &issued: TLC checkout
TLC multimedia library (mostly for semester-long checkout) Pilot Program Best, most equitable way to get iPads into the hands of a small group of faculty who want to try to use them
Put out a CFP at the end of each semester (see http://www.tinyurl.com/TLCcyfairCFP)
Sp/Su 2012: 5 faculty participants; Fall 2012: 6 faculty participants; Spring 2013: 7 faculty participants
Participants must complete an assessment survey at the end of the term (see http://www.tinyurl.com/TLCipadASSESS)
Participants must present what they learned/did at a best practices showcase at the end of the term
Campus community (including chairs, deans, & administrators) invited to showcase
Devices checked back in immediately after showcase & are re-imaged for next group's use Comments from Two Pilot Members "This was a great opportunity to see how the iPad can work for me and my students. I just bought my own iPad so I could continue to use what has become an invaluable tool. Equip all professors and staff with this product, just like laptops. As a productivity tool, it's simply amazing!"

"The iPad was very useful in teaching Math 1314 online. I was able to quickly respond to students mathematical questions through videos. The students found the multiple videos created extremely useful. I highly recommend having iPads accessible to all faculty. The students truly benefited from the use of the iPad this summer." Short-Term Checkout The success of the pilot program and the excitement it generated about iPad use allowed us to purchase several more iPads.

We decided to make these available as part of our Teaching & Learning Center's collection of instructional materials available for faculty checkout.

3 classroom sets of 10 iPads & 3 teacher iPads can be reserved & checked out here:

We use Outlook's calendar to book them & track their usage. Student iPad Kits
for Short-term
Faculty Checkout Individual Teacher
iPads for Short-term
Faculty Checkout Training Curriculum As our use of iPads began to grow, and as my ability to meet 1:1 with faculty in need of assistance was limited, it became clear that a curriculum of in-person iPad training sessions was in order.

Over the summer of 2012, I developed a full curriculum of 1-hour training sessions. These are offered through MyWorkshops and meet at our main campus (CyFair) and at our satellite center (Fairbanks) as well.

All sessions have been very well attended, and I haven't had to cancel a single one due to low/no enrollment.

Session topics & descriptions are here: http://www.tinyurl.com/sp2013ipadtrainings Training Resource Site I use the Teaching & Learning Center's Intranet (SharePoint) site as a repository for training materials (links & handouts) on iPads. Faculty are already used to going there to access info on other LSCS technology. It's here:

To facilitate access from outside our campus Intranet (for colleagues at other institutions and users who aren't in the habit of logging into our Intranet, such as adjuncts), I have also created session-specific links at a social bookmarking site, tagging links by session topic. It's here:
http://www.diigo.com/user/gdetiveaux Issues / Concerns / Challenges / Lessons Learned Apple's account restrictions are a challenge. You can only log into 10 devices with the same account, meaning if you want the same app on 11 devices, you have to buy it twice.

Be sure to adjust settings to require password for app installs. Also, adjust settings to enable apps to be installed on all other devices when installing on one.

If you issue them as part of a pilot (long-term program), be clear that the devices will eventually need to be returned ("From my cold, dead hands...").

Be clear with instructions and provide a case for each device. Reinforce the importance of handling devices with care (yes, we've had some that were dropped).

Provide regular training on iPads & apps with a special focus on their use in teaching & learning. Advertise trainings in usual (MyWorkshops) and not so usual (Facebook, posters, newsletter, etc.) channels. Next Steps Adding additional equipment (dongles, portable travel-size projector, wireless projection equipment, etc.)

Additional types of tablets will be available (up next: Google Nexus tablets)

New track of training sessions for Android tablets

Long-term semester use 1:1 sets (one tablet for each student, class uses all semester long, CFP process)

First use of Nexus tablets will be summer 2013 with a study abroad group in Great Britain

Better way to manage AppleIDs & app purchases (Apple's VPP Program Manager program: http://www.apple.com/education/volume-purchase-program/) Questions?
Suggestions? Thank you! Georges Detiveaux
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