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Research Methodology - Data Analysis -

No description

Atun Manap

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Research Methodology - Data Analysis -

Research Methodology
- Data Analysis -

Quantitative vs Qualitative
My background
Qualitative data presentation
–Table form-
Quantitative analysis
Measure of central tendency:
Mean: add up values and divide by number of data points
Median: middle value of data when ranked
Mode: figure that appears most often in the data

Measure of dispersion:
Standard deviation: a quantity expressing by how much the members of a group differ from the mean value for the group.

Qualitative analysis
Unstructured - are not directed by a script. Rich but not replicable.
Structured - are tightly scripted, often like a questionnaire. Replicable but may lack richness.
Semi-structured - guided by a script but interesting issues can be explored in more depth. Can provide a good balance between richness and replicability.

Steps involve:
Saving data in various methods: Minutes of meeting, videos, pictures, voice recorder etc.
Looking for recurring patterns or themes
Categorizing data
Categorization scheme may be emergent or pre-specified
Looking for critical incidents
Helps to focus in on key events

Qualitative data presentation-Graphical form-
Quantitative data presentation-Graphical form-
Mixed method (Quantitative + Qualitative)
Quantitative data presentation-Mix-
Speaker : Dr.Norpadzlihatun Binti Manap
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