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What to do During a Fire Drill

Safety procedure on how to exit the building safely and in an organized and speedy fashion

Rebecca Covitz

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of What to do During a Fire Drill

What to do... And what not to do... during a fire drill! Table Table Table Table My desk DOOR RING! RING! RING! When this goes off Don't panic.... Stand up, and push your chairs in... QUIETLY! And line up at the door... Do not exit the room until I say it's okay! When you leave the room Stay in line! NO TALKING! When you exit these doors Turn left! When you get to the blacktop WAIT For me to say it's okay to go inside... And we will continue working! Not following the right procedure could
result in very tragic consequences... So pay careful attention SO WAKE UP And pay attention Because this could save your life! What was that?!?!?! ...Like I once did. Head back through these doors Head back to our room, and stop at the door You may enter when I say it's okay
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