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The American Revolution and The United Empire Loyalists

By: Austin Sloot

Jim pudding

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of The American Revolution and The United Empire Loyalists

The American Revolution and The United Empire Loyalists Reasons why U.S 13 Colonies Rebelled - Gave French/Aboriginals land that they just fought them off for.
-Not able to move there families to better land in the north.
- British government put taxes on molasses in 1764.
- Brought in the stamp act in 1765 that meant they had to put stamps on most of the things they bought.
-Finally the British put taxes on tea in 1773 Who Were The Loyalists -The loyalists were mixed collection of people.
-Came from all 13 colonies
-3/4 of them were farmers,artisans,shopkeapers, and merchants
-The number of loyalists was between 450000 to 1000000 Benedict Arnold- American general who left them to go to the British side

Joseph Brant- Was a Mohawk chief and organized the Six Nations people to help fight against Americans.
Thomas Jefferson- Wrote the decoration of Independence in 1775-1776. (Considered one of the founding fathers of United States of America.) Who Were Some Key People During The War? What Was The Outcome Of The War? -The war between the Americans and the British ended in 1783.
-The Americans were victorious against the British and made it hard for the loyalists to come home.
-About 100000 loyalists became refuges.
-Loyalists were treated poorly and were forced to pay higher taxes.
Were Did The Loyalists Go? -The Loyalists started a great migration
-About 35000 Loyalists all gathered around New York City
-The Aboriginal people stayed in there community and still were effected by the Europeans expanding there settlement What Happened To The Loyalists During War -They were considered spy's.
-Some of the loyalists fought with the British.
-Other loyalists moved north to were the British were.
-They could be arrested for many reasons like… aiding the British in any way The End
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