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Caroline K

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Baha'i

1000 Baha'i in the Metro Area
Only 1 Baha'i Center in the Metro Area
Paid for by contributions from Baha'i only
19 days to come together to pray together, consult on community issues and a social aspect
9 holy days
19 day feast: devotional (prayers)
5 year plan: build communities and make spiritual bonds on the neighborhood level
Holy books, written and revealed by Baha'u'llah
Prayer Books
One set of prayers said daily
Short prayer
Noon and sunset
Medium prayer
3 times a day
Long prayer
1 in 24 hours
Prayers are said alone for spiritual growth
Port Said
Acre Haifa
--founder of religion

Traveled around Europe and Asia, spreading the message of Baha´í
Main Idea
The Baha'i faith is one largely focused on community and a "do-it-your-way" attitude, with the life goal of developing a relationship with God.
Community Worship
There is usually one gathering space per many communities
No congregational approach
No rituals
Services at community gathering spaces are always followed by community meals.
Generaly a leader, but leader changes every time.
Individual Worship
Minneapolis Community
Baha'i Laws
No alcohol or mind inducing drugs
Daily obligatory prayer
Must fast for 19 days every year (March 2-20)
Sex is only permitted between a married man and woman.
"Backbiting" = worst sin of all
19% of their surplus net worth to the Baha'i community
Civil law takes priority over Baha'i religious law
Try to do a pilgrimage to the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel
Minneapolis Baha'i Center
Located in downtown Minneapolis
Rooms are named after prominent Baha'i's
Building has had many previous purposes
Has a library in it.
Several prayer rooms
Different community rooms
The Greatest Name (
"Bahá" meaning splendor or glory
5 pointed star ("Haykal")
"Haykal" meaning temple
Main symbol of the religion
Represents human body and Messengers of God
Numerical Value 9
Highest single digit number (completeness)
9 pointed star
Sybmol of faith
the world of God, his Manifestations, and man
Compare and Contrast
Baha'i v. Catholic:
Holy books and prayer books held in high esteem
Has been or is still being persecuted.
Book of laws, given to love not to fear
Significant holy days.
Baha'i has no clergy, only local and global administrative bodies
Baha'i global body is flexible with the changing times, unlike the Catholic Church
Baha'i community is very laid back in structure; no set ways of prayer and gathering
Catholicism is strict with regards to mass and the sacraments.
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