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Book Report:Friends Forever by Danielle Steel

No description

Lana Mulvihill

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Book Report:Friends Forever by Danielle Steel

Book Report:Friends Forever by Danielle Steel
Main Characters
Billy (personality): Billy is such a kind character; he is always trying to make others smile and laugh. He loves sports and has ever since he was a little boy. Billy is a very athletic person, in fact in the book he had made it to the NFL and played for the Miami Dolphins. Billy was never the smartest kid. He struggled a lot with his grades during high school but his friends always helped him out and he made it through with fairly good grades.
Appearance: Billy has thick, red, curly hair with a wide smile and plenty of freckles. Billy is also very tall, in the book he is described as 6’3. Billy always had a fancy watch on.

Sean (personality): Sean is a very protective person, ever since he was in kindergarten he wanted to become a police officer so he could protect innocent people. Sean is always a very kind and caring person, he is always looking out for his family and friends. Another trait that I think Sean possess is that he is a rather aggressive person. I think this why he is perfect for the police force because he could use all that aggression towards stopping the criminals.
Appearance: Sean has very dark brown hair along with big blue eyes. He was not the tallest person but he wasn’t short, he was average height.

Setting and Genre
This Story takes place in beautiful San Francisco. To be more précised the story first started at Atwood private school located in the West side of San Francisco. This is where all of the characters first encounter one another, which I think, is a large setting that takes place. This book starts in 1990. I would say that the genre of this story is a mix between adventure and drama. This book has a lot of adventure elements in it because it tells the story of 5 best friends who as they grow up must face obstacles, all of the characters venture out to different places and travel the world. The characters are all on an adventure with their emotions when tragedy strikes. In this book there is also a lot of drama rolled into it with different romances, drugs, the struggle to find out who you are and how to face victories and tragedies in your life.
Gabby (personality): Gabby is a rather bossy character. She likes everything to be her way and likes to have control over most things and have everything in order. Although bossy at most times Gabby is still a very friendly and kind person, she is also very good at comforting people in fragile states. For example: When Sean’s brother died gabby made him feel better by making him his favourite dinner and telling him stories from when they were in kindergarten. For example as to how Gabby is controlling is when in kindergarten she went up to Sean and Billy who were playing with the blocks and yanked them right out of their hands.
Appearance: Gabby is a stunning girl and all the different characters in the book agree. She has long blonde curly hair with big blues eyes. Gabby was very fashionable and was on her way to become a model until she passed away. Gabby was always seen with a thin sliver ring on her finger that Billy had given her.

Izzie (personality): Izzie is by far the kindest and sweetest character in this novel. She always was looking out for her friends as if they were her family. If her friends were sad she would cheer them up, if they were hungry she would hook them up with a snack and always offered to help them with everything. Her friends referred to her as the mother of the group because she was always so caring and loving just like a mother.
Appearance: Izzie has long, straight, brown hair and beautiful vibrant green eyes. She is also very short.

Andy (Personality): Andy is a very polite man who always remembers his manners. Andy is an extremely smart character, ever since kindergarten everyone knew he was exceptionally bright. He was a straight A student threw high school and had received a scholar ship to Stanford University. He had followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a doctor.
Appearance: Andy is a very tall, thin person. He has straight blond hair and very dark eyes. He always dressed very neatly with his hair slicked back, nice shoes, and perfectly pressed khaki pants.

In the Begining
The five main characters in this book are Billy, Gabby, Izzie, Andy, and Sean. These characters first encounter one another on their first day of kindergarten at Atwood School. It was a bright and sunny September day, all the children were quite nervous, but after a while they became playing together. The boys played with building blocks and the girls made a pretend lunch from the fake kitchen. Ever since that day they were inseparable best friends and were known as the big five. As the big five grew up life became more difficult for them, with school, family and problems that come with growing up. Billy was hard at work trying to get a football scholarship well his parents had gotten divorced, Izzie parents had also gotten divorced and it was quite difficult for her. She also couldn’t decide what school she wanted to go to or what she wanted to be. Gabby was planning to move to L.A well Andy was going to Stanford to become a doctor. Meanwhile Sean’s older brother was spiralling out of control; he had been arrested and sent to rehab multiple times.
Climatic Action
I would say that the climatic action began when Sean’s older brother Kevin was shot during a drug deal. Everyone knew that he was in deep with dangerous people but his death was still a shock and very devastating. After that, Sean was determined to become a police officer or FBI agent to stop people like the one who had killed his brother. This book only became even more exciting from this point on. Sean’s friends were all there to comfort Sean but soon had to leave and get back to living their lives. Billy had been playing football for USC and was then drafted into the NFL with the Miami Dolphins. Billy had to step away from football for a while when his long-time girlfriend Gabby was killed. Gabby had moved to L.A and was on her way to become a fabulous model, but as she was hailing a cab headed for a modeling casting she was struck by a drunk driver and killed on impact. A few years after Billy had died from a drug overdose. It was a heart-breaking loss for everyone and it only got worse from there. Andy was working at the hospital as a doctor’s assistant when a sick child came in. The little girl had died and Andy blamed himself for her death and had then committed suicide. As the big five were mostly deceased there still rested Izzie and Sean.
In the End
In the end there only remained two main characters, Sean and Izzie. Sean did become a FBI agent and was sent to Rio Arriba to help shut down the large drug rings they had going on there. He was on a mission well spotted by drug dealers and shot several times. Miraculously he survived and made it home safely to Izzie. Izzie travelled the world for several years and eventually came home. She then became a Kindergarten teacher at the same school where she had met her best friends for the first time. Her and Sean had gotten married and lived a happy life together despite the tragedies they had faced. The title has everything to do with the story because the title is Friends Forever and the story was about 5 children who (since the day they met) became best friends forever and were always there for each other through thick and thin.
Personal Opinion
When first handed this book I expected it to be a light-hearted read, but I was most definitely wrong. This book took me by surprise and I loved it. I love the story because it was one of the most captivating books I’ve ever read. I was always interested in what was going too happened next. Another reason as to why I love this book is that it wasn’t predictable; I was always surprised at what each page had to offer. I never could guess what was going to happen next and I loved that about this book. This book is one of my favourites because it also had a higher element of maturity in it that hasn’t really been in previous books I’ve read. I found this book had a lot of tragedy but I think that’s just an element of storytelling that the author chose to use. I would recommend this book to people who are fine with going on an emotion whirl spin. If you’re someone who just likes read books that always have a perfect ending than this book is not for you. Something I would change about this book is that at the beginning the author gave a detailed description to each character except for Andy. She just sort of threw him in the book and he wasn’t used much. My favourite part in this book was when the after graduation barbecue took place. The five friends were all together and so happy. They spent the whole night together talking, laughing and having a great time.
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