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Free-Range Kitchen

Shift-Happens 2013

Bridgett Crews

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Free-Range Kitchen

START A NEW FOOD VENTURE TEACH CLASSES / HOST EVENTS Expand your services by offering classes or host a beautiful event to showcase your latest creations. Try your idea in our kitchen first and avoid a major start-up investment and costly mistakes. We're a commercial kitchen created with South Sound food processors, caterers, and mobile vendors in mind! If you’re looking for a fun space to start or grow your small food business and/or a place to prepare your delectable goodies, The Free-Range Kitchen is for you. We provide a health department approved kitchen, all major utensils and appliances for a hourly rate, refundable deposit, and membership fee. MEET WITH YOUR CLIENTS We have plenty of space to meet your clients. PREPARE AND STORE FOOD Our kitchen can be designed around your needs. KITCHEN FREE-RANGE a culinary incubator 4427 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA The Free-Range Kitchen is currently in the development phase and are gathering potential vendors to tour the kitchen. This will equip us to better direct the project to accommodate the shared kitchen needs of the South Sound. If you are interested in becoming a member send us a message and we will show you the space. It’s conveniently located on 6th avenue close to many farmers markets, grocery stores, and other small businesses. freerangekitchentacoma@gmail Krista Keithly & Bridgett Crews
Free-Range Kitchen Creators So, what's a culinary incubator? "Our incubator is an ideal environment for a fledgling food business ideas to take root and grow!"
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