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GIS Solutions for Ag Services Organizations

No description

Victoria Soda

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of GIS Solutions for Ag Services Organizations

Michael Porter
Ag Services organizations are seeking...

Increase farmers’ loyalty through value-added services

Optimize recommendations of crop inputs

Support market development - Market intelligence
Marketplace increasingly competitive
We are proposing...
Innovative tools for information management in Agriculture.

A simple connection with growers.
Market Intelligence
GeoAgro 360: Web GIS platform
Share information = Team work
Add your
Adapt portal to your products, services & sales cycle
Value-added services
Implement solutions for Site Specific Management
Precision Farming cycle
Prior to harvest (30 to 60 days before)
Yield estimation using NDVI
High resolution imagery
To support your premium clients, or monitor crops
NDVI - 5mt. resol. - Dec 2011
Yield map - March 2012
Market intelligence
Georeferenced information - Market control
With the implementation of GeoAgro 360
your clients data is stored in a database...
constantly updated
What is grown? where?
Where do we have more commercial penetration?
How much did each hybrid yield and where?
What were the average and extreme values?
Cross-analysis with regional information - climate, crop inventories, regional yields
Monitoring the sales network
It's a new and reliable source of information to analyze your market and
plan marketing strategies
In brief...
We support Ag Organizations with innovative ways for managing growers' information
Enabling them to apply it effectively, for better service and market control.
It's a big step forward in a
cost-effective way
With a plus: key information for market intelligence
Crop Input Recommendations
Based on farmer objectives >>> parameters for hybrid selection
Optimum hybrids are selected
Crops /Hybrids are assigned
A web tool for managing farmers information in a practical & efficient way.
GeoAgro 360
Information from past seasons - satellite images, NDVI, crop history, etc.
Plan next season based on crop variability, and do field or site specific recommendations
Locating the farm in a web GIS is simple
Configure & deliver specific reports, adapted to your products or services.
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