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Social Media Plan

No description

Anne Sebton

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan MyTeknology.com Competitive Assessment Competitive Assessment Research methods: Main Competitors New Marketing Strategy: Objectives Increase visibility: banners Research Tools Facebook SWOT We researched the competitors' social media presence Being present on niche websites by creating commercial banners:
On theme-related websites, blogs, forums:
Electronics components
PC Video games
In gaming Set up a Facebook page
Answer all consumers' questions
Post updates and relevant content on a regular basis
Offer promotions and coupons to attract consumers
Link it to YouTube
Will generate WOM Strategy Make it easy to find the brand: SEO Part 2: Build a community
YouTube Quantitative
Free YouTube "Insight" analytics tool: gather demographics and community stats
Number of views and likes/dislikes

Number of comments and page views on videos and number of subscribers to channels

Number of embeddings, links, references, times republished Measuring the effectiveness Key Takeaways Measuring the effectiveness Agenda Competitive assessment
SWOT, 3Cs and 4Ps
Research method and results
Rationale for new strategy
New social media plan
Key takeaways Consumers
Target market is focused on 18-34 (+ older generation)
Consumers with a high interest in technology
Consumers need a basic/good knowledge of computers and electronics Competitive Assessment Corporate capabilities
Strengths: very specialised
High number of products available
Real-time inventory
Competitive prices Competitive Assessment Competition
Direct competition from Newegg, Tiger Direct, NCIX and Canada Computers
Indirect competition from BestBuy, Future Shop, Amazon and other online retailers 4Ps Promotion
No social media presence
Netnography for more details on competitors 4Ps Product
Computers and elecronics
Different parts and components
Focus on customisable and "create your own" products
Offer pre-owned products 4Ps Place
All sales are made on the website, no physical shop
Website = only channel through which they sell products
All competitors use websites
Some have physical locations: BestBuy, Future Shop 4Ps Price Myteknology.com NCIX Canada Computers Newegg Price of an Asus Zenbook UX32A-DH51=$834 Price of an Asus Zenbook UX32A-DH51=$849 Price of an Asus Zenbook UX32A-DH51=$849 Price of an Asus Zenbook UX32A-DH51=$949 Similar prices to competitors Canada Computers NCIX Newegg Tiger Direct Facebook
RSS Online survey
Companies' social platforms
Reseller ratings
Computer forums Online Survey Over 60 respondents
Answers mainly from our target market:
18-34 year olds
Customised vs. premade Social Platforms Communicating with clients
Relevant discussions

Irrelevant discussions
No follow-up with customers
Generic answers to problems Ranking of resellers Reviews
Used as communication Forums Basis for recommendations Target Segment
Younger customers, tech-savvy
Positioning strategy
Very specialised, customisable, DIY products
"Make your own" mentality
Encourage development of a community Online Survey Most people like to customise electronics themselves or ask a friend (80%)
When searching for electronics online, 40% search for local retailers, 35% on Google, 25% on Amazon (or similar)
Consumers have a tendency to "Like" the retailer's page on Facebook, rather than Twitter
Forums and blogs are also popular Online Survey When asked to rank from 1 to 5 on an importance scale, the most important criteria are:
Reputation of brand
Least important
Customer service
Store reputation Guidelines Basis for recommendations Based on survey and netnographic analysis

Myteknology needs to create a WOW effect: under promise and over deliver impress customers Facebook Profiles Scope of delivery areas
Be as personal as possible!
Greet the customers at each purchase
Answer all customers (-/+)
Monitor reviews on time! Overall objectives Create brand awareness to build reputation, increase customer base and grow sales:
SEO, remarketing
Create a brand community, increased engagement and loyalty
Facebook and YouTube My Teknology is a Pure Player

Bing traffic on the website
Customer acquisition
Influence and measure the purchase decision
Customer relationship Make the brand findable
Make the brand appear from linked research
Increase visibility
Trigger the purchase
If purchase: customer relationship.
If no purchase: trigger the purchase in the future. Appear in search: SEM Trigger the purchase:
web design Improve the consumer experience
Make it simpler, faster, more functional
Allow customer reviews
Shorten the path to purchase In-Game After Purchase Create a customer relationship to develop loyalty
Cross-selling No Purchase Remarketing adapted to each consumer Part 1: Awareness and purchase:

SEO consultant – 5,000 $
SEM CPC – 100$/day : 36,000 $/year
Banners CPC or CPM – 50$/day : 18,000 $/year
CRM software – 1,000 $
Remarketing CPC – 3$/customer : 10,000 $/year

Part 2: Facebook and YouTube

Facebook: Initial page setup and monthly management: $20,000 (1 year)
YouTube: crowdsourcing
Social Media Manager: $35,000 (1 year)

GRAND TOTAL= $125,000 Budget Measuring the effectiveness Tracking visits (number, rebound, new, time spent, provenance) Measuring the effectiveness:
Google Adwords Measuring impressions, clicks, conversions, purchases, from SEM, banners and remarketing Long-term Long term objective: follow Amazon’s example: online acquisition and CRM tactics

Pursue all tactics: become increasingly efficient on segmentation Contests: win free components

Crowdsourcing: have consumers build their own computers or show tutorials -> Most likes on Facebook will be the winner What Myteknology could look like ... Blogs and Forums Find key influencers online
Target major electronics bloggers

Give away freebies and ask them to comment/review products Most important: qualitative
Sentiment: reaction to brand
Emotion: reason of sentiment
Topic: in which context?
Influencers: who is talking? Quantitative
Number of fans, likes, impressions, bookmarks
Number of ratings (+/-)

Number of comments, active users, user generates items (pictures, videos, replies), rate of activity of members

Appearance on friends' timelines, number of posts on wall, number of reposts/shares, responses to referral Measuring the effectiveness Very difficult to create a social media campaign with no preexisting presence!
Netnography: many different sources of information
Finding the correct target market
Understanding your customers Long-Term Monitor social media profiles constantly
Respond to all posts, both good and bad
Find new followers: look at who's following your competition
Keep posting new and relevant content
Use Facebook advertising Long-term
Optimisation of the web design regarding the tracked consumer behaviour
Extend the geographical targeted area
Investing more in order to advertise on well-known website
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