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Harrison Knoll

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What Quantum Mechanics!? Led to... By: Harrison Knoll Quantum Mechanics
for the
Undergrad Lab A bright future... Quantum Mechanics for the Undergrad Lab Almost a century of discoveries led to the quantization of all that we know.... light, matter, energy Max Plank (1900) proposed quantization of energy-radiating atomic systems. Albert Einstein (1905) follows with the quantization of light. (right) Quantum Computer (left) Quantum Key Distribution QKD is the first commercially available Quantum Cryptographic solution for information encryption (right) Quantum Ghost Imaging imaging solutions for highly diffuse media.
ex: Imaging through fog. Has strong use in
military and biomedical imaging Inside of the D-Wave, the worlds
first commercial quantum computer. Much more to come!!! Solution: An inexpensive simple to do experiment in quantum optics!!! Current Education At On Quantum Mechanics remains taught as a theoretical discussion and is confined to the school of Physics. (above) Werner Heisenburg teaching quantum theory The Experiment
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