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The Arts

No description

Margo Leatch

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of The Arts

The Arts
Media Arts
Visual Arts
Two interrelated strands:
Making: using processes, techniques, knowledge and skills to make art works

Responding: exploring, responding to, analysing and interpreting art works
Band descriptions &
Achievement Standards
F-2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10
The Arts aims to develop students‘:

creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices, through making and responding to artworks with increasing self-confidence

arts knowledge and skills to communicate ideas; they value and share their arts and life experiences by representing, expressing and communicating ideas, imagination and observations about their individual and collective worlds to others in meaningful ways

use of innovative arts practices with available and emerging technologies, to express and represent ideas, while displaying empathy for multiple viewpoints

understanding of Australia’s histories and traditions through the Arts, engaging with the artworks and practices, both traditional and contemporary, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

understanding of local, regional and global cultures, and their Arts histories and traditions, through engaging with the worlds of artists, artworks, audiences and arts professions.

critical thinking
Aboriginal histories and traditions
global cultures
Focus on similar concepts and skills as a developmental sequence
F – 6
all students study the 5 Arts subjects

7 or 8
all students to experience some Arts subjects in greater depth

able to specialise in one or more Arts subject

1-1.25 hour/ wk
2 hours/ wk
Examples of knowledge and skills appropriate for students at each band accompany content descriptions.

Learning in Drama involves students making, performing, analysing and responding to drama, drawing on human experience as a source of ideas. Students engage with the knowledge of drama, develop skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.
Making in Drama involves improvising, devising, playing, acting, directing, comparing and contrasting, refining, interpreting, scripting, practising, rehearsing, presenting and performing.

Responding in Drama involves students being audience members and listening to, enjoying, reflecting, analysing, appreciating and evaluating their own and others’ drama works
Verbs from Achievement Standards
Responding to Drama

Year 2 - describe, identify
Year 4 - describe, discuss
Year 6 - explain
Year 8 - analyse, apply, evaluate
Year 10 - analyse, interpret
2 hours/ wk
Walk through another Arts subject

What are your wonderings?
What are your niggles?
Learning in Drama
Rationale/ Aims
Learning in...(Drama, Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts)
General Capabilities/ other Learning Areas
F-10 Curriculum
Content Descriptions
Achievement Standards
Making Drama

Year 2 - make, present
Year 4 - plan, make, perform
Year 6 - devised and scripted drama
Year 8 - devise, interpret, perform
Year 10 - plan, direct, produce,
rehearse, refine
Verbs from achievement Standards
Some useful websites:
Music Aviva
Charanga Music
Asian Education Foundation
Move It Mob Style
Sydney Theatre Company
Musical Futures
Develop a brief outline of some lessons appropriate for your group.
sing up
How can this clip be used in all 5 Arts subjects?
Write down 3 of your favourite art activities.
These will be shared later.
Give one - Get one
Share your 3 Arts activities with colleages.
Is there a spread of ideas across all 5 Arts subjects?
If not, what are some ideas to address the gaps?
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