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zaria charlton

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of WEATHERING

By: Zaria Charlton Evaporation:
Evaporation is when water turns into a gassy type air and goes up into the air and into the clouds, as you see on the picture below. Condesation:
Condesation is when the vapor turns back into warm water and like in this picture it kinda looks like sweat. So basically this is condensation coming off a glass of water. Just like when you drink something and leave it out for alittle while and it has ice in it that is condesation coming off your cup. = ) cheese! Precipation:
Precipitation comes after condesation in the watercycle . Precip- is basically rain, snow, or sleet. Run-off:
Run-off is after precip- in the watercycle. It is when the water from precip- runs back to a pond or river like a scardy cat, and the process of the watercycle keeps going after that.
During the summer temperatures get hot, during the fall temperatures can get very cold, during the winter temperatures get very cold, and during the spring it rains alot and can get very cold but is hot sometimes.
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