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Jake Engle

on 15 December 2009

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Transcript of FULL TILT

FULL TILT Blake rides
the Kamkize. Quinn goes into coma Timeline Neal Shusterman is the author of many novels for young adults, including Unwind, which was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers, Everlost, and Downsiders, which was nominated for twelve state reading awards. He also writes screenplays for motion pictures and television shows such as Animorphs and Goosebumps. The father of four children, Neal lives in southern California. About The Author Written By Neal Shusterman Recommendation Timeline of the Auhtor Grew up in
Brooklyn, New York Moved to New Mexico
and spent his junior and
senior year at the
American school of
New Mexico Went to college
at UC Irvine One year after
graduating college
Neal got his first book
deal and was hired to
write a movie script A full time writer
that always has
stories to tell I recommend this book to people that don't mind a little
excitement, a little confusion and a little weirdness. Other Books from the
Author Similar book Blake wins
a bear with a
card that has a
weird design
on it Blake realizes that
he has to go to the
carnival that he got
a invitation to Blake meets a
girl name Cassandra A seemingly benign
carousel turns into a
every man for
themselves stampede A kiddy sized
bumper car turns
into a demolition
derby Blake finds out
if you die on a
ride it absorbs you Cassandra tells the barman, one of the many guests trapped inside the theme park, to hand Blake the "Blue Plate Special", which lands him into his next ride aboard a re-enactment of the novel Moby Dick Blake meets his
brother which saves
them from the ride
but says he doesnt want
be saved and runs away Blake runs into Maggie
on his fourth ride a
twisted hall of mirrors
where people are turned
in to warped creatures 5th ride is a more
intense Kamkize Russ attacks
Blake 6th ride was an
Egyptian theme Blake goes through the
final ride and saves his
Quinn Student Interviews Josh Crafton-" The book has many exciting parts." Jordan Ingle-" The book was kind of strange." Setting It takes mostly in a carnival. Characters Blake-main character
Quinn-Blakes brother
Russ-Blakes friend
Maggy-Russ's girlfriend
Mom-Blake and Quinn's mom Plot Blake wins a bear with an invintation in it to go to
a carnival. When they got home Quinn went into
coma and Blake was forced to go to the carnival. Rising Action Blake rides 7 dangerous, crazy rides. Resoluton Blake safes Quinn from
the carnival
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