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The Ghost of Cutler Creek

My booktalk!

Mr. Bolender

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of The Ghost of Cutler Creek

The Ghost of Cutler Creek By Cynthia DeFelice CHARACTERS Allie Nichols Just by looking at Allie, you wouldn't be able to tell that she is has to deal with unhappy ghosts. Finding out about her ghost hearing powers was already a shocking fact, but Allie soon figures out that the ghost trying to tell her something can't talk...it isn't even a human Dub Whitwell Dub Whitwell is Allie's best friend. Although he can't hear ghosts like Allie can, he is always there to help her with every encounter with them L.J. Cutler L.J. is a boy who joins Allie's class on the last 2 days of school. At first, L.J is rude to Allie, so when her teacher asks her and Dub to befriend L.J., they aren't to happy about it. But, Allie soon figures out that L.J.'s lack of respect isn't entirely his fault. Mr. Cutler Mr. Cutler is L.J.'s extremely mean dad. He is a dog breeder, but the dogs he works with are stolen from other people, but Allie and Dub don't know that. Mr. Cutler has gotten in trouble with the law MANY times, but he always manages to wriggle his way out of prison. Mr. Henry Mr. Henry is Allie and Dub's teacher. Both Allie and Dub liked being in Mr. Henry's class, but when he asks them to be friends with L.J., they aren't too thrilled. Hoover Hoover is Mr. Henry's friendly and fuzzy golden retriever. Mr. Henry brings Hoover in to class alot, so the kids are familiar with her. Hoover is usually very nice to everyone, but whenever she is near L.J.'s house, she starts barking and moving around alot. Mr. Henry asks Allie if she can dog-sit Hoover while he fills in for another teacher, and Allie gladly accepts MAIN PLOTS Allie wakes up at night from a nightmare, which only means one thing. Another ghost is trying to tell her something. In Allie's dream, she finds herself running in a maze, following a whimpering sound. After Allie does some heavy thinking, she realizes that her ghost isn't a human, it's a dog. Just that one fact makes everything twice as hard, because the dog can't talk. The dog tries to communicate by whimpering, or sending a smell that Allie's brother, Michael, describes as 'poopy'. Later, Allie goes to L.J.'s house (because she has to) but while she was there, L.J's dad barges in and yells at both of them. During his yelling, Allie hears various frantic dog barks, and the 'poopy' smell is present, which leads Allie to think that L.J's father has something to do with the ghost. The next morning, Allie goes to check on Hoover to find that she is MISSING. After hearing the dog barks in L.J.'s house, she just can't keep herself from thinking that L.J. took him. That is where my second passage begins. That night, she gets another dream, but this one is more important. My first passage takes place during her dream. Rating/Opinion I rate this book a perfect 10/10 because it had alot of action and was packed with excitement. There were no boring parts, at all. The suspense was DEFINATELY there. My favorite thing about the book was that the everything was so detailed, it felt like you were actually there watching everything that happened =D BOOK INFO This book has 181 pages and 20 chapters. It is the 3rd book that the author wrote about Allie's ghost encounters. CONNECTIONS I can relate to Allie because we are both in sixth grade, and we both want to have a dog, and Allie can't have one because her little brother is allergic to them, and i can't have one because my little brother automatically attacks any fuzzy animal, so a dog wouldn't last too long with my brother in the house. Other Books in the Series The Ghost of Fossil Glen The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs So, what happens with Belle the ghost dog? Does she have a bad past with Mr. Cutler? Will she get revenge? And, will Allie find Hoover in time before Mr. Henry comes home? You already know what to do to find out, READ THIS BOOK! Setting This book takes place in Seneca, New York, L.J.'s house, Allie's house, in Allie's dreams, and in Mr. Henry's house.
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