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Detective Mystery Genre Project

The detective-mystery sub-genre has many aspects that define it. Follow along on the mystery-themed Prezi to learn about aspects found in a detective-mystery genre film and specific films that fit the genre.

Nicole Wooleyhand

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Detective Mystery Genre Project

By: Nicole Wooleyhand Detective-Mystery Genre Detective-Mystery Genre The Maltese Falcon This film also uses insert genre aspect here in order to give it a detective-mystery feel.

It accomplishes this when in one of the lasts scenes Sam Spade puts on his hat and their is a close up on the Maltese Falcon in his hands because the close up really gives the film a sense of completion now that everything has been worked out. This also helps to end the film on a more symbolic note as the audience ponders the importance of the Maltese Falcon Statuette. The Maltese Falcon Sherlock Holmes Directed By: John Huston Example #2 Sherlock Holmes Directed By: Guy Ritchie Example #1 Example #1 Example #2 The Silence of the Lambs The Silence of the Lambs Example #2 Directed by: Example #1 Through the use of specific visual genres aspects
three different films are able to be a part of the
detective-mystery genre.

By utilizing discovery shots the directors are able to create a sense of mystery and suspense as their characters discover clues and red-herrings. As well as use quick-paced camera shots to create a sense of action. Their use of strategic duos also also strengthen their genres as well as giving their sleuths critical skills that keep them alive. The Maltese Falcon is an excellent example of genre. It was one of the first detective-mysteries filmed and was created in 1941.

The film follows the classic detective-mystery guidelines and has a private detective going on the search for a bird statuette with another distinguished individual. In this case, a beautiful liar named Miss. Wanderly. The pair are a unique duo that without both of their individual skills the mystery would not be able to be solved. Through Ritchie's use of quick camera shots he is able to create a fast-paced fighting scene in which Sherlock's unique fighting abilities are introduced. This special skill is what sets Sherlock apart from other would-be detectives and introduces his thought process. Although the film follows certain detective-mystery aspects, it also has fantasy-like ideas within it. Towards the end of the film Sherlock discovers that a corpse has risen from the dead. This is a rather fantastical development and does not follow the typical detective-mystery aspects of deductions made through careful reasoning. However, Sherlock Holmes still goes through his deductive reasoning in order to discover this vital -somewhat mysterious- clue. The Silence of the Lambs is what would be considered a "game-changer" for the detective-mystery genre. A young FBI cadet must work together with a manipulative killer in order to catch a deranged serial killer.

The film shows aspects of genre with a dim tunnel-like shot of Clarice being held by Hannibal that in doing this shows they are a couple of sorts. In this case, they are considered a crime-solving duo, which is a common aspect in this genre because it helps show a contrast of the two characters as well as allows them to explain things they already know so that the person watching the film isn't lost or confused. In conclusion, The Maltese Falcon and The Silence of the Lambs fit my genre very well. However, Sherlock Holmes (2009) had too many fantastical events that made it less of a detective-mystery and more of a fantastical-mystery. However, all three movies do deal with specific -detective-mystery genre aspects such as discovery shots, a sleuthing pair, and quick camera shots. Another example of how genre is shown in the film is insert example here because insert why it was important here.

The image below depicts a shot from the film of the serial killer whom Clarice is trying to uncover and is an example of the detective-mystery genre because the role the serial killer plays is integral to the most basic aspect of a detective-mystery: Murder.
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