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Practice Advancement

who are we what are we doing

tim bulger

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Practice Advancement

Practice Advancement
Scope of Responsibility
Who are we
What are we working on
Future Who are we?
Angela Butt
Bob Middelmann
Brian Brady
Christopher Markowsky
Erna Carter
Kevin Murray
Janet Mah
John Rupcich
Lenore Delday
Maureen Wass
Randy Robertson
Tim Bulger Historic Telelearning
Videoconference Opportunities:
Expanding use of multimedia in medical training (procedural)
Developing just in time training e.g., H1N1
New technologies for delivering content
New technologies to facilitate collaboration
What are we doing
Practice Advancement
Digital Media
Performance Measurement
WWW communication Future Practice Advancement
Standard approach to planning, scheduling, evaluating events
Online Scheduling
Online "calendar"
Electronic Registration
Digital Media
Corporate events
Media production e.g., opening of Lois Hole Hospital
Other e.g., digital signage Performance Measurement
Standardize provincial reporting
Evaluation of inititaives
Research WWWcommunications
external www site
future planning Scope
Practice Advancement
Digital Media
Performance Measurement
WWW Questions?
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