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Shelby Storozuk

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Pocahontas

Pocahontas Project By: Shelby Storozuk
John Rolfe

John Rolfe was known for being a Virginia planter and colonial official. In 1612, he decided to try to grow Tobacco to suit the colonies liking. He even brought seeds from the West Indies to plant and cultivate. After it was well liked by the English, he eventually met Pocahontas after she was kidnapped by Sir Samuel Argall. He and Pocahontas were to be married, he contemplated for a long time as to whether or not he wanted to date an nonreligious foreigner. Eventually she got baptized taking on her name Rebecca, then he decided to marry her, and resolve the peace between their people. Then sadly she died, and later he got remarried to a Jane Pierce. He was appointed to the Council of State, and proceeded in his dream of becoming a well grounded tobacco planter.

He ruled an empire of a total of about 30 tribes, 13,000 to 34,000 people, this was the climax of Powhatan's power. The capital of the empire was Werowocomoco. The people in his tribes spoke Algonquian, each of these 30 tribes had its own personal chief, but Powhatan was the head of these chief's. Sort of like how we have a governor, but the president ranks higher as to who we follow most. The Powhatan tribe was so big it took up most of Eastern Virginia. Powhatan was not sure how he felt of all the English settlers taking up his land, at times he would instigate attacks, while other times trading food and goods with them, even deciding at one point that they could be allies, or of great use to him.

When Pocahontas was young she was to wear little to no clothes, except in the winter time where she would have most likely worn a dear, bear, or fox mantle. Most of the girls and women in the Powhatan tribe would shave the sides of their heads with mussel shells, and have their hair long and flowing towards the back. Children were allowed to play and things until they reached a certain point in age which was about 13 for maturity. Then the girls were taught how to do the things that women did in the tribe such as cooking, bearing children, and making clothing. An extremely important thing the girls had to do was be able to tell which plants were the edible ones and which weren't. Since Pocahontas was the favorite child of Chief Powhatan she received special treatment such as higher standards of living.
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