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No description

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of MEMO at UCLA

What programs has MEMO created?
What can I do?
How do I join?
Fill out application form (on our website) [New Members Only].
Pay $30 membership fee [All Members].
Attend events and gain experience.
Contribute your awesome qualities and make an impact!
Thank you!
What is MEMO?
Nonprofit, student-run, humanitarian organization
Nonprofit board & 3 chapters: UCI, UCLA, UCSD
Serve the underprivileged by addressing medical and educational needs
Volunteer locally and abroad
, founded in 2009
Upcoming Events
General Meetings - Even Week Wednesdays, Bunche 3211, 6-7pm
September 30th, Fall Internship Application Deadline
October 1st, MEMO Hep B Screening Event
October 2nd, MEMO Benefit Concert
Thursday: October 6th, MEMO Diddy Riese Social 6-7PM
October 10th, MEMO UCLA Bruin Bracelet Sale
October 23rd, MEMO Health Fair
Welcome to Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach!
Meet the Board
Join our
group MEMO at UCLA and
email list
for updates!
Medical Mission
Set up clinics in
areas since 2007
Services: Intake-->Triage-->Doctor Consultation-->EKG/Ultrasound-->Sponsor Referrals
Donate medical supplies to local hospital in Ho Chi Minh City
Dental Program
Since 2012, medical clinics also included dental services
fillings and extractions
Focus on children and dental education
Hepatitis B Program
Heart Program
MEMO sends surgeons to Vietnam and provides surgeries to children with
congenital heart disease
Provided ~5-7 life-saving heart surgeries every year
Aims to spread knowledge of
Hep B transmission
in order to prevent it
~240 million people have chronic HBV infection
8G Mission Trip: provided health screenings and vaccinations to children and newborns
UCLA Hepatitis B Awareness Night
Hope Program
Scholarship Program
Support children
for their future
Assist orphanages in providing healthcare, education, food and shelter
Donate school supplies and clothing
Distribute scholarships to young children who cannot afford education
Provide schooling for some even on
to college
9G gave out 70 scholarships
Plan & Participate
Service and Socials
Committee Meetings
Help at Events
Annual Health Fair
& Lestonnac Free Clinic
Quarterly Service Events
On Campus
Open Our Hearts Gala
Yvonne Bui
4th Year Phy Sci
Mimi Nguyen
4th Year MCDB
Phoi Tran
Co-Outreach Director
3rd Year Psychobiology Major
Jessica Hu
Co-Outreach Director
3rd Year Biochemistry Major
Nhung Nguyen
FUN-draising Director
3rd Year Biochemistry
Freddy Jimenez
3rd Year Business Economics
MEMOship & Mentorship
Why are you in MEMO?
Why are you in MEMO?
Why are you in MEMO?
Favorite MEMOry
Favorite MEMOry
Favorite MEMOry
Jessica Fukushima
Sponsorship Chair
4th year Psychobiology
Why are you in MEMO?
Amanda Phan
Internship Director
3rd Year Psychobiology Major
Favorite MEMOry
Cynthia Huynh
Public Relations Director
4th Year Psychobiology Major
Kim Truong
3rd Year Anthropology;
Cognitive Science Major
Favorite MEMOry
Why are you in MEMO?
Yinny Chan
Activities Coordinator-Staff
3rd Year Psychobiology Major
Favorite MEMOry
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