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Little Dreamers Child Care

No description

Mary Wessels

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Little Dreamers Child Care

Why Little Dreamers?
Target Market
Marketing Mix
Little Dreamers
Child Care

Required Funding
Experienced and dedicated staff
CPR certified staff
State of the art facilities
Large play area
Use of the latest child-care methodology
New product to the community
Limited cash flow during start up
Inability to predict the need of short term or temporary services offered
New service with no competitors in the immediate area
Upward moving economy with more people in the workforce
Good residential area, high concentration of our target market
Potential for expansion and additional locations
Legal liabilities
Significant legal changes for the industry
Lack of quality support staff
Public perception of child care facilities
Our Mission
Our Goals
Cost effective solution compared to in-home child care
15 children full time
part time & hourly availability based on staff

youth athletic associations
child entertainment venues
Tax ID & Articles of Incorporation
Insurance/Liability Insurance $1250 annually
Advertising $166
Building Lease $1600 monthly
Utilities $176 monthly
Nutritional Supplies $833 monthly
Sanitary Supplies $125 monthly
Bedding $5000
Entertainment/Education Supplies $1000
Office Equipment $750
4 Child Care Assistants (Part Time)
$10 per hour/30 hours per week - $62,400
It is our mission to provide a loving, supportive, and safe environment for families looking for quality childcare. Our goal is to offer care that meets the moral, social, emotional and physical needs of each and every child. Expect nothing less than the best childcare the industry has to offer.
Target Geographical Area – St. Louis County/Jefferson County
South County vicinity
Sunset Hills
West County vicinity
Target Demographic•
30 – 45 age range
Working parent(s)
Parent(s) with active evening obligations
Reside or work in St. Louis County/Jefferson County
• Psychographic Market
Parents that have their children’s wellbeing as an upmost concern
Value the service of a licensed and accredited childcare facility
Ongoing evening obligations
As parents ourselves, we understand the struggles that face the families of today and the need for a reliable and safe evening/overnight child care provider. We will be offering overnight hours for the parents working non-traditional hours or parents with evening obligations such as attending night classes.
Funding to open - $85,000
Assets from owners - $30,000
Requesting - $55,000
Little Dreamers Child Care LLC
Overnight Child Care
Stand alone building in South County
at Lindbergh and Sappington
Turn a 15% profit
Increase enrollment monthly by 10%.
Stay within the predetermined budget.
Maintain a 90% retention rate
Provide superior service; do not lose customers due to being unsatisfied.
Maintain quality facility and affordable rates by staying within budget.
Increase the referral rate by 5% each quarter.
Advertise and offer referral incentives for enrolled referrals.
Provide superior service; maintain/build customer satisfaction.
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