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Kobe Bryant

No description

Darienne Bailey

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant
He has played this sport all his life. His father, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, has also. It's his favorite sport, and he is a professional.
When he lived in Italy it was hard to find other kids to play basketball because soccer was most popular. So he would play "shadow basketball" by himself. It has helped him improve in many ways, and he still plays it to this day.
L.A Lakers Jersey
Ever since he was a kid he wanted to play basketball for the Lakers. He made his dream come true, and has played for them ever since 1996.
Kobe is a famous celebrity, or star. He has won many different MVP and All-Star awards.
Kobe was not only very athletic, but he was also very intelligent. He had a 3.0 GPA, and was an above-average student.
Kobe likes to stay in shape. He is extremely quick, and can outrun many of his opponents.
Kobe's coach, Phil Jackson, made an offensive play for the Lakers called: Triangle Offense. This play helped them win many games.
Kobe has won many awards and medals. Not only as a single player, but with his Laker teammates as well.
Knee Brace
Kobe has injured his knee quite a bit. He's had surgery on it, and has had to sit out of many games because of it. Which was something he wasn't very pleased about.
Measuring Tape
Kobe has been a bit tall for his age. In the eighth grade he was six feet tall. It's always been a bit awkward for Kobe in school. Always being a foot or two taller than everyone.
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