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Odyssey - Calypso's Island (Ogygia)

No description

Odyssey Project

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Odyssey - Calypso's Island (Ogygia)

Calypso's Island (Ogygia) Ogygia is assumed to be the island on which Odysseus was held captive by the Nymph Calypso for 7 years (maybe a little less, maybe a little more more.) What is Ogygia(Calypso's Island)? Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology who lived on the island Ogygia. Calypso is said to be the daughter of the Titan Atlas. Homer did not mention any children of Calypso, however Hesiod did. Who is Calypso? When Zeus declares that Odysseus shall be sent home, he sends Hermes to deliver the message. Calypso gives Odysseus a choice to become immortal if he stays but he refuses. Although Calypso is not happy, she allows Odysseus to leave her island. She gives him some tools and the materials to build a raft. She then sends him on his way. Odysseus' ride home aka what he did while he was there Odysseus' Vacation Agenda While he lived in paradise on the island, Odysseus enjoyed the luxury as much as he could. Odysseus didn't really do much on the island. He spent much of his spare time longing to return home to his wife and son. Although he eventually wanted to continue his journey home to Ithaca, he didn't have a ship or crew and no means of escape. This is assumed to be what his raft resembled. Bibliography As far as we know, Ogygia doesn't exist today. It has disappeared sometime along the way. Many people believe in a theory of it's disappearing by a powerful earthquake causing the island to sink before the Bronze age. Molly Gluzinski, Tucker Rohde, Aly Henderson,Maggie Sarandi Ogygia is described in the Odyssey as a lush, beautiful island with a tropical feel. There were rocky cliffs with amazing waterfalls and various types of birds including owls, falcons, and sea-crows soaring over the island. Ogygia today There are several possible geographical locations of Calypso's island. Some have identified this island as correlating with the island of Gozo, south of Sicily, while others have identified it with the sunken Atlantis. Odyssey, By Homer Odyssey, Translated by Fitzgerald http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogygia http://www.webwinds.com/odyssey/calypso.htm http://www.islandofgozo.org/gta/home.aspx http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/Ogygia.
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