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Introduction to Prezi

No description

Kaitlyn Beck

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Prezi

Introduction to Prezi
By: Kaitlyn, Liz and Laine
Positives of Prezi
Web Based
Lots of Movement
Age Related
Apps for Prezi
Easy to Edit
Microsoft Powerpoint vs. Prezi
Computer Based vs. Web Based
Printing Options
Many Differences
How to Insert Microsoft Powerpoint:
Easy Steps

Educator Benefits
-Free upgrade to Edu Enjoy License
-Discount on Pro License
-Presumes and Portfolios
In the classroom...
- Can be used for group projects
-up to 10 others
- Memorable
- Engaging

Zooming Users Interface
Allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media!
Introduction Information
Founded in April 2009
Presentation and Collaboration
Prezi for IPad
Business and Educational uses
Five available languages
Some Negatives to Prezi
Spell Check

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Japanese
Adam Somlai-Fischer
Peter Halacsy
Peter Arvai
Using Microsoft PowerPoint in Prezi!
Let’s Begin!

Demonstration for Prezi

It even brings the pictures with!


The Lifecycle of a Butterfly:

Some Tips:
Check the text
Color Choices
Check Images
Demonstration of How to Use Prezi
Your turn to begin!
Edu Enjoy License
-private presentations
-own logo
-500 MB storage
Pro License
- Discount
- Prezi Desktop
- Private presentations
- Own logo
- Premium support
- 2GB Storage
5K-1st Grade
- Translate a book
- Telling stories
- Youtube videos

2nd-3rd Grade
-Timeline feature
- Videos
- Assessments
- Vocab Lessons
4th-5th Grade
- Analyzing books/zooming in
- Mind maps
- Vocabulary
- Zoom in on documents
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