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Spokane Indians

Year 10 English

Bonni Wheadon

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Spokane Indians

Spokane Indians
Why were reservations set up in America? What was the goal? Was it successful?
America had to deal with The Indian Problem, which started when the American and British people started to move into the Spokane area. This resulted in a lot of conflict and violence, so the white Americans wanted to create a treaty in order for peace to arise. They came up with a strategy to deal with the Indian Problem, which was making reservations for them to live on. But more conflict arose after the establishment of reservations. The white Americans persisted in making the Spokane Indians live in reservations, so in the end they were forced into living in them. Therefore the American’s did succeed with their goal and it kept the Indians out of their way.
What are some of the issues and problems facing Native Americans?
The Native American’s are faced with various problems in the world today. Some of them include:
• Them being introduced to many diseases that their bodies aren’t immune to.
• Poverty as they have been moved to these reservations.
• Rampant alcoholism as the white Americans have introduced this to them.
• Loss of culture as they have been moved to reservations and the new generations are choosing to leave and live in the modern America.

Who are the Spokane Indians?
What is the Bureau of Indian Affairs?
The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is the branch of the federal government in the USA, that is in charge of maintaining a good relationship between individual Indian tribal groups and the government. The BIA was established in 1824 and is in charge of establishing treaties among the Indian tribes and the federal government. This helps to keep a good connection and to make sure no conflict arises among the tribes.
What do Americans celebrate at Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is a day where Americans celebrate the day that pilgrims met helpful Indians, who gave them food and taught them farming techniques, as well as how to survive the New England cold. All though the Indians weren’t all welcoming, majority of them were and American’s now celebrate thanksgiving in recognition of them. Not all American Indians celebrate thanks giving as they aren't happy with what the Americans did to them and their land.

The Spokane Indians were initially a tribe that were located along the Spokane River. They were separated into three bands known as the Upper, Middle and Lower Spokane Indians. Today the Spokane Indians are located on 159,000 acres in Wellpinit, Washington, USA.
They speak the language known as the Salish language and still use it among their tribe today. They pride themselves on preserving their culture and language for many generations to come.
The word Spokane means Children of the sun, which is what people now days known them as.

The Spokane Indians were originally living in over three million acres of land across the river in Wellpinit. They would move around the river depending on what season of the year it was. In 1881 Rutherford B. Hayes, the president at that time, formally declared a reservation that the Spokane Indians had to live in. Many Indians were split up because of this and were forced to find new homes. Currently the Spokane Indian’s live in a reservation that is approximately 159,00 acres in size.
By Bonni Wheadon
Spokane Indian Reserve (Light shade of White) and Area in which they used to live in(Yellow)
They Spokane Indian Tribe lived by the river hunting, gathering and fishing for 1000’s of years. They speak a language called Salish, which has been passed down through many generations. Many traders used to trade materials into the Spokane tribe, which changed the way they lived. They got into a war with the white American’s, which led to them being forced to live in a reservation. Still today they are located in the reservation.
Customs and Traditions:
The Spokane Indians have many traditions among their tribe. One of their traditions is the ‘Salmon Ceremony’, where only men could attend and they had to catch a salmon. The first salmon caught would be cut into seven pieces and then prepared and cooked a certain way. It could only be consumed by men and legend had it that if they kept up this ritual the salmon would keep coming every year. Salmon was a big source of food for them.
They also believed that after death every part of the body had to be buried so that the soul wouldn't become a ghost. If blood was spilt they would wipe it up and burry the cloth with the body. The whipping of the blood was a custom that was done to insure that no one’s soul would turn into a ghost.
Some other traditional beliefs included the belief in Amotkan, a God who is associated with the sun and is thought to be the giver of life. They also had many other Gods who they prayed to often.

Location Of Reservation:
The reservation is located in Wellpinit, Washington, USA. It has approximately 159,000 acres of land and is home to roughly 2708 people.
What is the Spokane Powwow?
The Spokane Powwow is a Native American ceremony that is a way of meeting all together as one. This ceremony is accompanied by dancing, singing and renewing old friendships. This is a method to renew the Native American culture and keep the traditions alive.
Non-Native americans are invited to attend these Powwows, so that they can experience and see how the Indians live.
The Spokane powwow is held along the Spokane river, which is an important spot for generations of tribal members.
How Can the Native Indians be compared to the Indigenous Australians?
The Native Americans and the Indigenous Australians lived a fairly similar lifestyle. They both were hunter gathers and lived off the land. Each were very spiritual having many Gods and traditions or ceremony's to connect to their land (which they both respected)
Sadly the Native Americans and the Indigenous Australians both faced the 'white invasion', where their land was taken over by 'white people'. There were mass killings involved and it really shatter both of these groups of people.
There is one main difference in the way they live and that is how they live in the modern world today.
All though the Native Americans and Indigenous Australians seem to live a very similar life, they are now faced with totally different living conditions today. The Indians are living in a reservation and don't often associate with the modern world, whereas most Indigenous Australians have adapted to the modern Australia. There are still some Indigenous Austrians living in 'tribes' and still living the traditional way of life, but many have moved into urban communities.
This just goes to show that the modern world has strongly influenced the tribes into living a white mans life, instead of being traditional.
Indigenous Australians
Native Spokane Indians
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