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Parental Involvement

No description

Dr. Sherri Johnson

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement
Engaging Families
-Teachers and families with common backgrounds seem to communicate better than those from differing backgrounds.
-Teachers who are involved in the community seem more accessible to families.
-Parents and teachers need to be partners in the students' academic and social development.
-Parents in high-needs schools are less involved than those in other schools.
-Research shows Parent-Teacher Association/Organization meetings are attended by 9/10 parents or family members.
-Research also reveals approximately half of those surveyed have volunteered at the school, have participated in a school fundraiser, and/or have visited the school at least monthly.

Parent & Community Involvement
-High-quality schools are committed to increasing their parental involvement.
-Strategies include sending newsletters, using technology and telephoning, hosting student-family member activities, holding meetings in diverse languages, and sponsoring school fairs and performances.
-Parent/community liasons and parent advocacy groups may assist in connecting schools with families of poverty and families with cultural differences.

Communicating with Families
Parent-Teacher Conferences
-Establish open lines of communication regarding student progress.
-Have translators available to ensure understanding.
-Inform families about students' strengths and needs.
-Realize the value and usefulness of sending home paper notes.
-Send letters or speak with families face-to-face to encourage involvement in class field trips.
-Research shows that 8/10 parents have attended a parent-teacher conference.
-Discuss students' academic, behavioral, and social strengths and needs.
-Have translators available.
-Ask questions and listen to the answers.
-Be flexible with meeting times to accommodate families' schedules.

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