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Create your Online Digital Toolkit

Part of the 'Explore Social Learning for Educators' workshops

Nick Jackson

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Create your Online Digital Toolkit

Learn how to use social networks Create your
Online Digital Toolkit by Nick Jackson Why don't educators want to use social networking with students for teaching and learning? Develop ideas to collaborate with educators and students online Plan lessons, homework, assessment and learning content on Google+ Become effective consumers of information online Explore how students use social media to develop their online identity
54519/128/cube_online_icon Source: TESS Current attitudes in education Link between Facebook use, lower grades in college The risks of using Facebook Many teens naive about social networking risks Improving Math Education with New Tech Facebook a valid educational tool, teachers told New Research Shows Facebook's Positive Impacts on Student Development May Far Outweigh Negative Results Facebook:
Is it really such a scary monster? Which educational institute is this? Lessons delivered: 193,638,564
Global ranking for web traffic: 3687
(approx 600 million sites in the world)
USA ranking for web traffic: 1230
Youtube channel views: approx 200 million views
Free to attend and free to study Vodcasts and flipped learning Google+ Circles Is there a future for Google+ ? 100 million of those users active monthly surpassed the 400 million user mark Google+ is more of a discussion network than a social one Think of Google+ as an extension of the web The practicalities of working online
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