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Structures of Social Changes

No description

Katie Cowan

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Structures of Social Changes

Values and Beliefs In the 1970’s most families disowned their daughter if she got pregnant in high school. She would not be allowed in the school, but now it is accepted in society for a teenage girl to become pregnant. We say it is wrong to have sex before marriage and you should save yourself for your life partner but in reality we question those who choose abstinence. If your parents are older than 35 ask them how many pregnant girls were in their school. Now look around how many girls are pregnant now? Technology Once man sent messages by a messenger. Then came travel by bird. Next was letters and mailing. After mailing came email. Now there is text messaging. We can now send news in the blink of an eye and have a response in mere seconds. Population As time comes and goes people move around. Quebec is ruled by France yet so many English speaking people live there that almost everything is written in both French and English. Diffusion Everything spreads like a rumor. In the 1950’s there were no or very few sex diseases then in the 60’s birth control was invented and people started having sex. Due to having multiple sex partner HIV and Aids started killing people. Before doctors found out what it was or what caused it they called it GOK(god only knows). Once only Africa had to worry about Aids, but now we all must because it has spread throughout the world. Physical Environment As technology advances so does global warming. The earth had a ozone that once the only thing that harmed it was cow’s gas. Now our cars and carbon monoxide deplete the ozone. Wars and Conquests What makes people different? Is it the color of their skin, or what language they speak, or what they look like? Or could it be something smaller? Could it be just the shape of their noise and they are taller and and have a different nose? In Rwanda genocide is killing people just because they are a different sub-culture. Is really one race better than the others? Is ethno centrism the right way of thinking? Is it right to kill someone because they are not just like you?
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