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Graphing Linear Functions 2-3

Cheat Sheet

BL arnab

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Graphing Linear Functions 2-3

In this presentation, I will be explaining linear functions. 2-3 Cheat Sheet
Created By: Amin Lee X & Y Intercepts: Linear Function: A function with a constant rate of change.
It is always a straight line. A linear function can be written in the form f(x)=mx+b f(x)=mx+b Vertical Lines Slope Intercept Form: These are both constants and can't be changed. f(x) stands for the function of x it also represent the y variable. y=f(x) m is the slope of the line x is the independent variable that changes so it effects the y. b is a constant and is also the y coordinate point for the y-intercept. Slope: the constant rate of change for a linear function. The ratio of a slope in a linear function can be represented as rise
run or change in y
change in x X intercept: more commonly known as (the x coordinate of where a line crosses the x axis) Y intercept: more commonly known as (the y coordinate of where a line crosses the y axis) Slope Intercept Y = mx + b Intercept: meaning y intercept (b) of the graph of any line Slope: meaning the (rise)/(run): (m) of any function. X intercept Y intercept If any function is represented in the following format: ( y=mx+b) then it's in the slope intercept format because we know its slope & y intercept. Examples: y = 2x -3 y+ 2x = 3 y = x y - 3 = x parent function In slope intercept form Not in slope intercept form Important Fact: The slope of a vertical line is undefined. If x is equal to a constant the line is vertical Horizontal Lines Important Fact: The slope of a horizontal line is 0.If y is equal to any constant, the line is horizontal. . Nice Cloudy Day,
Makes everything end in the perfect way The End of the .
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