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How much heat does hand rubbing create

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Ahikaa Arora

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of How much heat does hand rubbing create

How much heat does hand rubbing create?
I think the more times
you rub, the more your
hands heats up Changed Variable:
*How many times I rub Measured variable:
*Heat after rubbing hands together Fixed variable:
*The way i measure the heat of my hands Conclusion:
I did 40 rubs altogether and the temperature of each number of rubs didn't really change but there still was a slight change. Referring back to my hypothesis what i said was not exactly true but the temperature was changing bit by bit. Method:
*First you get a sensitive
*Then you rub your hands a number
of times to get friction
*Next you measure it with the
*After that you record the temperature in your notebook Metirials:
*sensitive themomitor
* Pencil Aim:
to find how much heat
hand rubbing creates Observations:
I found out that there was
very slight changes in the temperature
when i was rubbing my hands together.
Even if I rubbed my hands 40 times compared
to 34 times the temperature would'nt get much higher.
I also found out that on my results, 40 rubs had the
same temperature as 36 rubs and 22 rubs had the same
temperature as 14 rubs. I thought that was quite odd. RESULTS:
2 rubs 30.8*c
4 rubs 31.0*c
6 rubs 31.6*c
8 rubs 32.0*c
10 rubs 32.4*c
12 rubs 32.6*c
14 rubs 33.1*c
16 rubs 33.4*c
18 rubs 33.6*c
20 rubs 34.0*c
22 rubs 33.1*c
24 rubs 33.0*c
26 rubs 33.1*c
28 rubs 34.1*c
30 rubs 33.8*c
32 rubs 34.1*c
34 rubs 34.4*c
36 rubs 34.5*c
38 rubs 34.6*c
40 rubs 34.5*c
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