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Cam Dig Jou v2

No description

Shubash Paul

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Cam Dig Jou v2

design by Shubash K. Paul for London Borough of Camden
Agile Programme
Agile Programme launched
Paperless office
Contact Camden
Resident accounts
Business accounts
Rolled out
working kit to over
staff so they can work in different locations

Resident accounts
@ Camden Talking
Twitter Feed
@ Love Camden
Bring your own device
1400 Camden staff
using their own mobile and tablet devices to access Camden Council systems

Camden accommodates a wide range of mobile operating systems including,
Windows, iOS and Android
Staff move to
5 Pancras Square
Open Data Platform launched
Parking Sensor Trials
Yammer Launched
Yammer is a collaboration tool which uses the power of social media for business purposes which is open to all Camden staff
are now registered users
posts made since its start in April 2015

Smarter Working
Joined up HR/finance system in the cloud
Digitising mail/post
Camden Integrated Digital Health Records
digital journey

Paperless office
Cashless parking
Camden resident's index
Analytics and dashboards
Move to 5PS
'Bring Your Own Device' Initiative started
Online Parking Permits
Contact Camden
Resident Index
Online Parking Permits
Camden has pioneered the development of an open systems digital platform that has enabled us to integrate and deliver council services through the Camden Account

We have co-designed with residents the way key services operate on line including Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Housing Repairs, Leaseholder services, tenant information, and parking permits

6 months
the number of active users has risen from a few thousand to over 30,000 and will deliver over
£4m of savings by 2016/17
Business accounts
businesses in Camden have signed up to our business account

Access to services like:
Business rates
Commercial waste
Planning through their online account

Introduction of
serves as Camden's Records Management System; facilitated the scanning and storage of all paper records
Analytics and Dashboards

QlikView analytical technology is being deployed to over
70 services
spanning such key front line services as:

Social Care
Childrens and Safeguarding
Finance, HR and more
Enabling Camden to automate the collection of management information, provide insights for improved service, and increasing
accountability and transparency. Gaining better insights and use of data and analytic for outcomes based decision and using data as an asset

"'The account is simple and basic to use, it's become my preferred method for requesting a repair rather than calling in"
Eve- Gospel Oak
IT Shared Service
Digital Workspace
"I would like to pay tribute to Camden Council for their outstanding contribution to the health and social care information sharing projects in London. Their collaborative working with all concerned has been exemplary as has their perseverance in overcoming obstacles to information sharing as they have arisen. I am pleased to have the opportunity to support Camden’s submission for the MJ Awards category for the UK Digital City."

Health and Social Care Information Centre
Camden's Integrated Digital Health Record
Camden was one of the first councils in the country to electronically connect to the NHS N3 network enabling efficient sharing of information between agencies

Camden was one of the first authorities in the country to integrate the NHS number into council social care systems, making it simpler and more efficient to join up assessment and case management across sectors
IT Shared Services
We are creating a shared IT and Digital service with

councils to provide improved capabilities and deliver new and
services for our
, residents and businesses at an overall lower cost for the tax payer.

We are the first local authority to map the
"Business Capabilities"
of a council to enable us to design an IT service that can cater for the strategic needs of 3 authorities.
We are the
first council
in the country to publish this in its
entirety 1.7m rows of data
. Benefit to us in reduced time spent answering queries

Before PCN data was published at end October 2015, there was an average of
9 FOIs a month

From November 2015 onwards there have been
24 requests
- Of these,
11 were answered
fully or in part by a referral to the Open Data site.
This is 45% of FOI requests
App developers want our data e.g. parking bays -
Appy Parking
. But we are also consuming our own data

APIs make it
easier and cheaper for us to build our own apps
using our own developers - example of planning alerts as part of Camden Account

Our commitment to Open Data underlined by the Open Data charter -
"open by default"
Accessibility to all customers
Accessibility to all is a key part of our strategy

20% online by 2020
enables more personalised services for those that need it.

Winner of MJ Digital City 2015 Award
Inclusivity and Accessibility to all customers
Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy
Launched in February 2014

became one of the the
first councils
to have a dedicated digital strategy
London Tech Week
Planning Alerts
A new platform to create a new more user friendly planning application search with additional functionality

This should also save the council money – in the past we have been quoted
to enhance the planning application search

A new planning application alert system as part of the Camden Account, which will reduce the amount of physical notices we post on-street.
The Planning Applications data set is central to this application.
London Technology Week 2016
The power of data to reform public services
Camden was the first London Borough to host a 'London Technology Week' event
Speakers included:

Cllr Theo Blackwell

Cabinet member for Finance, Technology & Growth
Mike Flowers
, Chief Analytics Officer, Enigma. Former CAO of New York City
Janet Hughes
, Government Digital Service

Sarah Dougan
, Deputy Director Camden Public Health
Eddie Copeland
Andrew Collinge
, Nesta & City Hall
Sherry Coutu
CBE, Chair, founders4schools
Open Data
Camden's overarching principle of the Council’s
Open Data Charter
open by default

Digital Strategy
made clear our commitment to the publication of Open Data

We publish all our open data on our
Open Data Camden site
and through that site make it accessible through London and national open data portals.
Camden's Partners
To improve connectivity in the borough and beyond we led a pan
London consortia of 16 London local authorities
to procure a wireless concession contract that is forecast to
generate over £3m of investment back into Camden
over the next decade

100 Wi-Fi hotspots
have been delivered across the borough in areas of high footfall as a result of the project

Strong links to universities through
UCL Advances
CSM projects
Camden is the ONE fully established
Innovation District in London in the Knowledge Quarter
Camden was the
only council out of 12 social landlords that won DWP funding
to become a
Digital Deal pathfinder project
Camden has one of the largest offers of IT in the community with over
200 public computers
in our libraries and community facilities
Anchor institutions such as
and the
Digital Catapult
Winner of SOCITM Digital Engagement Award
Public Service Reform
Influencing the London Digital Agenda
Connectivity & Economic Growth

Exploiting disruptive technology - the "Digital Public Realm"
Enhancing our collaboration spaces
Public Service reform
Using digital to create
new models of service
enabling public service reform in "traditional" local authority services.

disrupting the traditional council relationships.
Sensors in our fabric enabling targeted, preventative maintenance, joining social/health care with place data to provide holistic view of citizen, using
Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence
to deliver preventative care
Exploiting disruptive technology - the "Digital Public Realm"
Influencing the London Digital Agenda
Piloting for the London Office of Data Analytics
Shaping the role of the London Chief Digital Officer

Bringing together Digital member leads for London Local Authorities

Camden was
nominated by other organisations
to receive the Digital Engagement Award at the Society of Information Technology Management’s (SOCITM) annual conference.

SOCITM, which promotes the effective and efficient use of Information Technology in local government and the public sector
MJ Digital City 2015 Award
Socitim accolade comes just four months after the Council was announced the winner of the UK
Digital City prize at the Municipal Journal (MJ) awards
Digital Workspace
& O365
"Transform the way in which staff access information and communicate with one another. Connect networks, people, process and knowledge. Deliver efficiencies and improved outcomes for staff and residents"
Creating a single,
’smart’ platform
, based on
, that replaces the current intranet, and integrates (and enhances) core business tools and social technologies i.e.
Smarter Working
Camden has embraced the first step of
'Smarter working'
by establishing a new set of working practices with new spaces, technology and support and promoting the Camden Way. 

The next iteration of the journey is to
‘empower the individual
It does mean streamlining our policy, process and tools so people can do things for themselves simply and easily. 

"The aim is that the new system will enable an increased level of flexibility and self-service to manage the organisation’s resources by using integrated systems and automated processes"
Joined up HR/finance
system in the cloud
(Oracle Fusion)
"The aim is that the new system will enable an increased level of flexibility and self-service to manage the organisation’s resources by using integrated systems and automated processes"

Connectivity & Economic Growth
Broadband lobbying
Small cell roll out
"Now leasing rooftop spaces on council buildings and housing blocks to telecommunications companies not just to boost mobile coverage (as many already so) but host new broadband kit"
Initiative could generate much needed income of an estimated
£6 million over ten years

Camden has already provided
more than 300 free PCs
in libraries and free public wifi on high streets

By increasing capacity and coverage in the borough Camden is also
promoting economic growth
helping local businesses and services
Fully integrated system
managing an individual from the start of their Camden journey to the end, including movement internally

Enabling the organisation to manage the continuous change in an

The system will be
only as good as the quality of our data, processes and policies

This is our
opportunity to drive better ways of doing things
e.g. lets create an analytical powerhouse of the future

Contact Camden was originally Initialized in 2011
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