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Billy Mays

No description

taylor burrows

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Billy Mays

Billy Mays products from a to z 1. the awesome auger 2. the big city slider station 3. the ding king 5. the EZ crunch bowl 6. flies away 4. ESPN360 7. the gopher 8. the grater plater 9. green now 10. the grip wrench 11. the handy switch 12. hercules hooks 13. ican insurance 14. itie 15. kaboom 16. mighty mendit 17. mighty putty
18. mighty putty ( steel ) 19. mighty putty ( wood ) 20. mighty tape 21. dualsaw 22. orange glo 23. oxiclean ( all items ) 24. quick chop
yes the slap chop 25. the samurai shark 26. the tool band-it 27. turbo tiger 28. the ultimate chop 29. the vidalia chop
wizard 30. the washmatik 31. what odor? 32. zorbeez and then it happened on june 28 2009 at 7:45 pm he died of hypertensive heart disease and cocaine was a factor we will all miss you Billy by taylor burrows The end
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