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Background Music Samples.

No description

Lyka Levy

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Background Music Samples.

Background Music Samples and Final Choices
It is fortunate that a friend of mine is an A Level musician and plays the saxophone fluently, so I personally requested if it was alright if she personally played a couple of pieces on a recording tape for my documentary.

From planning I already knew what kind of music I was going far, and wanted an instrumental piece that fit smoothly into my background. The music had to be light and harmonic to emphasize and attract my audience to keep on watching.
The first piece was done in with a Tenor in her bathroom since vibrations bounce off the tiled walls more rather than being absorbed so the room is very "alive" in sound perspective.
Again the Tenor in the bathroom, with no reverb. I didn't like this one much because we tested what the sax would sound like with no cords. But overall I loved how soothing and cheerful this piece was and was going to place this track in the middle piece of my documentary but decided not to due to the pace of how my characters were talking and the pattern of how the music was flowing didn't sync well, so it made the middle section look busy and off center.
This piece wasn't done in the bathroom, but as you can tell by the slight static, but in my opinion I thought it added to the piece as it sounded more genuine and home made, going with the vibe of how I wanted my characters comments to be genuine and thoughtful, the static sound kind of represents my characters their first opinions and how it was just said subconsciously rather than well thought out.
Choosing music can make or break any piece of individual of medium. It's important because it builds up suspense and foregrounds a special importance and value to my documentary.

Finding any music that isn't copy right owned I found a difficult task to find. Anything that wasn't copy right owned I didn't particularly like because it either didn't suit or have any purpose towards my documentary.
By Lyka Levy
Tuesday 10th Decemeber, 2013
This piece was done with a ukelele.
And in the end I did use this on the last part of my documentary when my characters were giving their own advice about what do to with love.
As the music played halfheartedly, as not all their advices were to be taken seriously.
I used the last one with the Ukelele as I felt it was the most appropriate one out of the three samples we did together, thank you for watching.
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