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fossil fuels

No description

Kaydnce Wilhite

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of fossil fuels

Disadvanteges of Fossil Fuels
Burning coal releases sulferf dioxide which combines with moustire in the air and creates acid rain. Oil wells can spill and get into oceans,rivers,and lakes and can kill living plants and animals. Oil and coal can cause smog, smog is a brownish haze that causes repertory problems and also contributes to acid rain. Fossil fuels realese carbon dioxide in the air and can cause globle warming. It is dangourous mining for coal because mines can collapes. Fossil fuels are not renewable.
How is Fossil Fuels Transformed into Energy?
Fossil Fuels release energy when they are burned .The energy can be converted to electricity or used in power engines. One procces is coal burning in the procces it produces a lot of pullution.
Coal goes through a polverizer then dumps into a furnece where the water boils and turns into somke, pullotion,and steam. Then goes through a turbine where the energy goes to a genorator then a transformer into a transmission tower. Then goes into your home.
Interesting Facts
Fossil Fuels will only be around for 175 more years
Oil globs tinier than a penney can kill a bird
Takes millions of years to form
By: Kaydence, Basil, and Hayden
Advanteges of Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels has provided energy for use for many years.There are many different types of fossil fuels.
fossil fuels
How do we use Fossil Fuels?
Fossil fuels are used for cars, airplanes, electricity, and plants. Fossil fues are used to make medicine and is in toothpast. You find fossil fuels in decayed plants and amimals.
Fossil fuels create 13,700 tons of carbon pullotion
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