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Filipinization Policy

No description

Claudia Mendoza

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Filipinization Policy

Filipinization Policy It is the reconstruction of the governemnt system of the Philippines during the American period. Filipinos were given the oppurtunity to serve in the gorvernement. What do you mean by Filipinization policy?
In 1912 the American Insular Government adopted new policies which had importantimplications for the Muslim inhabitants of the Southern Philippines:1. Bangsamoro had previously been administered separately from the NorthernPhilippines, but now the U.S. began to consider the two as a single colony.2. The new policy of “Filipinization” affected Bangsamoro: the American Governor,Frank Carpenter, transferred supervision of the Muslim south over to Filipinoadministrators from the north. Until this time, the Moro did not consider themselvesFilipinos. The result of the “Filipinization” program was that by 1920, the majorityof government administrators in the Southern Philippines were Catholic Christians,giving rise to Moro complaints that the real meaning of “Filipinization” was“Christian Filipinization.” In 1913, the insular government introduced a policy moving Christian settlers to Mindanao, allegedly to address the growing problem of landless farmers in Luzon and Visayas. The Moro had been a majority in Mindanao and owned most of the land, but it seems that the real goal of the American policy was to break down the historical autonomy of the Muslim territories. Eventually the Moro became s marginalized minority with greatly reduced landholdings. Christian Resettlement in Mindanao In 1913, the Moro province was renamed as the Department of Mndanao and Sulu and its integration with the rest of the Philippine colony began. Thus begun the "Era of Department". The Moro not happy with this, but they were exhausted by years of conflict with the Americans. It was a generally peaceful era. Department of Mindanao and Sulu
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