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Zacarie Teal Water Cycle

Awesome Sause

Terri Gruenenfelder

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Zacarie Teal Water Cycle

By Zacarie Teal Radiation Condensation precipitation is how the suns rays travel through space to Earth. The energy powers the water cycle. Evaperation the suns heats liquid water causing it to rise into the atmosphere as a gas called water vapor. water vapor (gas) in the air cools into liquid water resulting in clouds. solid or liquid water that falls to the earth from the clouds. ( rain,frezzing rain,sleet,snow,hail Groundwater water that comes from the ground water. It can be found in between layers of rocks and sediments called an aquifer. Percolation the downward movement through pores in the soil due to gravity. transportation the loss of water that flows parts of plants. (similar to sweating) Run-off water that flows across land and collects in rivers,streams and eventually the ocean. Water Cycle
The Water Cycle is a giant process that makes water Eavaporarte
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