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Monacan Indians

No description

Meagan Brinkman

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Monacan Indians

Monacan Indians
Long before the first settlers came to Virginia, Native Americans lived here!
Many different Woodland tribes lived in what is now Virginia
The Monacan tribe was one of those tribes. They spoke the Siouan language as did other tribes in the Piedmont region.

The Monacan Indians lived in the Piedmont region near Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge
They built their villages near the streams and rivers.
They learned to find or make the things they needed from nature.

The Monacans lived in villages working
together to take care of their families.

They made their homes out of wood, bark and grasses.

Their homes were small and
they did not have much furniture.
They sat and slept on platforms
covered with mats or animal skins.

The Indians used every part of the animals they hunted. The skins were used for clothing.

The Native Americans knew where all the things they used came from because they made all their clothes and tools themselves.

The women made baskets our of grasses, reeds and bark. They used dried gourds as bowls. When the weather was warm they cooked outside in a shared kitchen.

The Monacans grew their own food and stored part of their harvest for the winter. They also hunted and gathered some foods.

In the spring, they fished and picked berries.
In the summer, they grew corn, beans, and squash.
In the fall, they harvested their crops.
In the winter, they ate their stored food and hunted animals and birds.
Today, the men, women and children of the Monacan tribe are proud of the history of their people. They work to keep their traditions and customs and share their story with us.

The modern tribe has purchased back some of it’s lands from long ago near Natural Bridge. They have built a Monacan village using only natural materials and tools as their ancestors did. These pictures are from that village.

By: Ms. Brinkman
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