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christopher columbus

No description

majour epic fail hobo

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of christopher columbus

Christopher Columbus! How did Christopher Columbus travel from Genoa to America? Christopher Columbus traveled to America by boat. On his first voyage he had 3 ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. These ships became very famous. On his second voyage he had 17 ships because the king and queen of Spain wanted the possible gold in America. He also brought horses, cattle, and sheep. Christopher Columbus was the one who introduced these animals to America. On his 3rd voyage he only had 6 ships. What where the dangers during the sea voyage? Why did he go to the places he did? What important things did he discover? Who inspired him? One of the dangers of his sea voyage was when he got attacked by 13 pirate ships. The battle went on for one whole day. The next morning his entire fleet of merchant ships were on fire. Christopher Columbus was shot in the leg and his ship was sinking so he jumped and swam to shore. Another danger was when he and his crew were trying to find a shorter route to the Indies (India) and the crew was threatening mutiny. They found land before anything happened. Another near death escape was the time when a young boy was sailing the ship near a reef and crashed it into the reef. Christopher Columbus wanted to go on his explorations because he wanted to be like Marco Polo after he read his books. He also wanted to find an easier ocean route to the riches of the Indies.
Christopher Columbus is known for being the first European to go to find the Americas, the Bahamas, Haiti, Porto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba, and Hispaniola. He also mapped these places. When he got back to Spain on his first voyage he brought 6 natives, birds (parrots), and new cultures. There were also things that he was supposed to find that he did not find. For example he was supposed to find spices and gold. Christopher Columbus did find a little bit of gold but he did not find any spices. On other trips he did find gold and brought it back for the king and queen of Spain.
It is not really known but moste people believe that he was inspired by the famous Marco Polo and his book. What Where The Consequences? The negative consequences of his voyage were that a few people died and he brought very deadly European diseases to the new world. One of the most tragic diseases was Small Pox which killed thousands of natives. The positive consequences was that he inspired more people to start exploring. For example he inspired Ferdinand Magellan to start exploring. Thank you for watching Resources. Web sites.

Christopher Columbus
By Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn

Christopher Columbus
By Christy Devillier

Christopher Columbus
By Carol Gallagher
Christopher Columbus was inspired by reading a book about the famous Marco Polo who explored China. Time line. 1451: Christopher Columbus was born.
1479: Christopher Columbus got married.
1492: King and Queen of Spain sponsor Christopher Columbus.
1492: Found South America.
1493-1496: Goes to America 2nd time.
1498: Starts 3rd voyage to the new world.
1506: Christopher Columbus dies.
this is Christopher Columbus this is the Pinta This is the nina this is the Santa Maria This is a map of where Christopher Columbus traveled this is a picture of Christopher Columbus with the natives. this is gold this is spice this is what small pox looks like.
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