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Irving Cooper

on 10 December 2016

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The Survivors
"I am a Survivor"

Percent of Population
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)
Field Trip

Social Studies
Create a power point presentation with geographic information.
A visit to Denmark
Survival relies on three components: conflict, change, and truth. This activity relates to the change component of the theme. The Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed during a chemical reaction. This lab experiment will demonstrate the change for the students.
Wanted Poster
Thar She Blows is a chemical reaction lab using common materials (vinegar and baking soda) for middle school students in 8th grade. The lab reinforces the concepts of the Scientific Method, chemical reactions, Law Conservation of Matter, acids, and bases. When matter is changed physically, generally no changes occur in the structure of the atoms or molecules composing the matter. When matter changes chemically, a rearrangement of bonds between the atoms occurs. This results in new substances with new properties. The students will mix vinegar and baking soda in a plastic beverage bottle, topped with a rubber glove tied down with a rubber band. The reaction will create gas particles that will continue to expand long after they’ve run out of space in the bottle, which will cause the rubber glove to expand above the bottle.
Thar She Blows!
Central Tendency
Data of the deceased
Alternatively, a balloon can be used instead of plastic or latex gloves. The effect isn't as cool, but it will suffice.
Thar She Blows!
Number the Stars

Shoe Box Diorama.
Fireworks Factory
Data and statistics are important information for historical records and analyzing events.
Poster that explains
why Peter Neilson is wanted for the German Soldiers.
• Students will read and discuss the historical fiction novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowery.

• Students will interview survivors of the Holocaust or their family members.

• Students will create a poem choosing from the topics: Pride is…, Courage is…, Honor is…, Prejudice…, or Bravery is….

• Students will use the provided Courage in Chaos PowerPoint presentation to research and work various activities related to the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowery.

• Students will use the World Wide Web to research and present real survivor and rescuer stories from the Holocaust by writing a research paper based on their findings.


Handout 1: Thesis Instructions
• Handout 2: Outline Instructions
• Handout 3: Example Outline Page
• Handout 4: Bibliography Instructions
• Handout 5: Title Page Instructions
• Handout 6: Presentation Instructions
• Handout 7: Research Paper Rubric
• Handout 8: Presentation Rubric
• Handout 9: Number the Stars—Courage in Chaos Presentation [6 slides per page]
• Handout 10: Web Site Instructions

Teacher Component
1. Vary the manner in which the novel is read to meet different students’ learning styles. Examples:
o Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)—The students read silently.
o Popcorn Reading—Students take turns reading. One reads as much as he/she wants and then chooses another student to read and so on.
o Literature Circles—Groups read and discuss the novel together.
2. Stop and discuss the courage of the characters throughout the reading of the novel.
3. Have students create three questions to ask one another in a whole-group discussion. Encourage everyone to ask and answer each other’s questions.
4. Contact local or nearby synagogues. The rabbi will find survivors or family members of survivors for meetings at the synagogue.
5. Discuss the way certain characteristics are represented in the novel or historical characters to get an understanding of the poem topics. (Pride is…)
6. Assign various slides from the Courage in Chaos PowerPoint presentation for groups to research and work each day throughout the novel study. Handout 9: Number the Stars—Courage in Chaos Presentation can be given to the students for this assignment.
7. Provide the Handouts 1-5 to guide students in writing research papers. Components include: title page, thesis statement, outline, body, and bibliography.
8. Place the Web site URLs into a folder on in your Web browser’s bookmarks or favorites list.
9. Use Handout 10: Web Site Instructions and explain the procedures for students to follow at each site.

Student Activities
1. Read the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowery.
2. Create three questions about the novel or topics related to the novel to ask in a student-led, whole-class discussion. Questions should be open ended. Example – What would you do if you could possibly save your best friend’s life by risking yours and your family’s lives?
3. Listen attentively to the guest speaker’s own story of being a Holocaust survivor or the story of his/her family member.
4. Ask open-ended questions of interest of the survivor or his/her family members.
5. Take notes during the interview.
6. Review notes after the Holocaust survivor interview, adding any details that can be recalled to use in the research paper.
7. Write a poem based on the knowledge gained from the novel and interviews about one of the following topics: Pride is…, Courage is…, Honor is…, Prejudice is…, or Bravery is… Example – Annemarie realizes that there are other sources of pride besides possessions and achievements upon seeing the Rosens in their worn clothes before their escape to Sweden. Use word-processing software to create the poems using appropriate fonts and clipart.
8. Groups will work through the Courage in Chaos PowerPoint slide activities as the teacher assigns. Activities include:
o Write a research paper using the links provided and notes from personal interviews. The paper will include: title page, thesis statement, outline, body, and bibliography.

Student Activities (conti)

o Use word processing software to write a poem that reveals the method the Danes used to rescue the Jews living in that country.
o Create a map of the area discussed in the novel. Microsoft Paint or other paint/draw software could be used to create this map.
o Plan to escape to Sweden with only a few concealed items.
o Create substitutes for common items as if they were no longer available.
o Use word-processing software to write a friendly letter to the rabbi of a local synagogue telling him the things you learned about the Jewish faith or asking him questions about the faith.
o Write a friendly letter to the holocaust survivor telling him or her things learned during his/her visit to class or asking questions about life during the war. Be sure to use the friendly letter format. Include heading, salutation, body, closing and signature. The letter can be created using word-processing software and mailed or sent via e-mail.
o Respond to photographs of the Holocaust of World War II found in the presentation.
9. Read various survivor stories to use in the research paper from Forgotten Holocaust /http://www.holocaustforgotten.com.
10. Choose three stories to read and write a reflective response from The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous / http://www.jfr.org/main.html. From these three stories choose one rescuer to personify. Speak in 1st person and tell the rescuer’s story to the class using proper presentation skills that are listed on Handout 6: Presentation Instructions.
11. From Holocaust Rescuers and Survivors / http://teacher.scholastic.com/frank/stories.htm read the rescuer, Ellen Neilson’s story. This rescuer helped Jews escape from Denmark, which is the setting of the novel Number the Stars. Then choose one of the other rescuer stories to read from the site. Click "Write a Story of Courage" and use this page as a guide for writing why the rescuer should be considered courageous.

Language Arts
The students will use the provided Courage in Chaos PowerPoint presentation to research and work various activities related to the novel
Number the Stars
by Lois Lowery.
The students will also use the World Wide Web to research and present real survivor and rescuer stories from the Holocaust by writing a research paper based on their findings.


Read aloud
The Terrible Things
by Eve Bunting and discuss why did the author told the story of the Holocaust in this symbolic way.
Discovery Education
The Holocaust in Memory of Millions
Multiple Intelligence- Art Connection
Imagine that you are an artist commissioned to create a cover for
Number the Stars.
Think about the major elements of the novel- characters, setting, plot, theme, and symbols. Think of ways to draw these elements together in a single, unified design. Then, create a new book cover.
Discussion of Novel and
"Split Open Mind" Activity
The "Split Open Mind" represents a character at different time periods of his/her life. Students will fill in the head with symbols, images, drawings, and/or words that represent what the character is thinking and feeling.
Class Blog
Blogging Rubric
1. Response to Topic
2. Originality
3. Respectfulness
4. Sentence and Mechanical Structure
- Complete 5 posts by carefully reading and analyzing each question and then expressing your opinion and/or thoughts

- Read your peers' responses and comment on 2 posts for each section

- TOTAL: 15 blogs (5 posts and 10 comments)
Expository Essay
Heroes are people who posses special qualities like
respect and bravery
. In the novel,
Number the Stars
, the Johansens are heroes because they do their best to save all of the Rosens from Nazi soldiers. Think about all the qualities you think makes a person a hero. Now, write to explain three qualities you think makes a person a hero.
Snappy Scenes

* I will be able to active prior knowledge
concerning Number the Stars by answering questions from the teacher with 100% accuracy.
* I will collect different materials regarding Denmark from multiple sources.
* I will analyze why Peter Neilson was pursued by German soldiers.
* I will explain why the "Fireworks" scene is relevant to the novel.

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