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Black Elk

Black Elk Speaks presentation for NC 212

Reata Strickland

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Black Elk

Black Elk Speaks 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux as told through
John G. Neihardt
(Flaming Rainbow) 1863 "Red Cloud's War Black Elk was born:
"I was born in the moon
of the popping trees
(December) on the
Little Powder River
in the winter when the
four crows were killed Treaty of 1868 1872 Great Vision
of Black Elk 1874 Lt. Col. Custer
leads a party into the
Black Hills where
Gold is discovered 1875 Gold Rush begins
in the Black Hills "Our people knew there was
yellow metal in little chunks
up there; but they did not bother
with it because it was not good
for anything." 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn Black Elk's first kill
at 14 years old 1877 Sitting Bull flees to Canada. Crazy Horse surrenders
and is killed at Fort Robinson,
Nebraska 1886 Black Elk travels
across the big waters.
Meets Mother England 1883 Sitting Bull returns
to Standing Rock Agency 1887 The Dawes Act is Created 1889 Black Elk returns to Pine Ridge Pine Ridge is exactly
as the vision he had in
Europe 1890 April/May
A delegation of Lakota
representatives returns
from meeting Wovoka
and begins to teach
the Spirit Dance... August/September
Newspaper reporters
begin coverage of the
"Ghost Dance" presenting
it as a focal point for an
Indian uprising. White settlers are alarmed! October
The Spirit Dance
is introduced at
Standing Rock Agency November
President Benjamin Harrison
orders the military to take control
of the Lakota reservation December 15
The Agent at Standing Rock Agency,
James McLaughlin, sends Indian Police
to arrest Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull is Killed! December 16
Big Foot, leader of a
Minneconjou band
on the Cheyenne River
Reservation, is ordered
arrested as a troublemaker. December 21,
Big Foot learns of
the death of Sitting Bull December 23
Big Foot's band a
flight to Pine Ridge Agency December 28
The Band is intercepted by Maj.
Samuel Whiteside and the 7th
Calvalry. The band is escorted
to a camp site on Wounded Knee Creek. December 29
Forsyth decides to disarm the Lakota.
A shot is fired, and the massacre begins.
Up to 300 Lakota men, women, and children... KILLED! 1891
January 1, a burial party
returns to the site of the
massacre. They bury 146
Lakota bodies in a mass grave. 1930 August
John Neihardt meets Black Elk 1932
Black Elk Speaks is published 1950
Black Elk dies. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/24256169 http://www.panoramio.com/photo/12210433 "I feel in this man beside me a strong
desire to know the things of the other
world. He has been sent to learn what I
know." On this basis, Neihardt returned
the next spring to interview Black Elk
and then wrote Black Elk Speaks. Black Elk hunts with his father
"Two-legged one, on the big
ridge west of you there are
bison..." chapter 12 1881 Black Elk
performs the
horse dance
(18 years old) 1881-1883 1882 Black Elk
hears the Bison
have dissappeared Visions: It is the person that
has visions that must act out
the vision before they come into
power. Black Elk was sick until
he shared his vision. Story of
High Horse's
courtship http://www.neihardt.com/center/prayer_garden.html http://www.neihardtcenter.org “The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” “Any man who is attached to things of this world is one who lives in ignorance and is being consumed by the snakes of his own passions.” “Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.” “Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.” “There can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which... is within the souls of men.” “All over the sky a sacred voice is calling your name.” “Know the Power that is Peace.” “There can be no power in a square” “This they tell, and whether it happened so or not I do not know, but if you think about it, you can see that it is true.” “Wherever we went, the soldiers came to kill us, and it was all our own country. It was ours already when the Wasichus made the treaty with Red Cloud, that said it would be ours as long as grass should grow and water flow. That was only eight winters before, and they were chasing us now because we remembered and they forgot.” “I could see the Wasichus did not care for each other the way our people did before the nation’s hoop was broken. They would take everything from each other if they could, and so there were some who had more of everything than they could use, while crowds of people had nothing at all and maybe were starving. They had forgotten that the earth was their mother.” “In the spring it got warmer, but the Wasichus had even the grass penned up.” “You have noticed that the truth comes into this world with two faces. One is sad with suffering, and the other laughs; but it is the same face, laughing or weeping. When people are already in despair, maybe the laughing face is better for them; and when they feel too good and are too sure of being safe, maybe the weeping face is better for them to see.” "And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people's dream died there. It was a beautiful dream." “I did not have to remember these things; they have remembered themselves all these years.” “Grandfather, Great Spirit, you are the only one and to no other can any one send voices. You have made everything, they say, and you have made it good and beautiful.” " " Black Elk provides great insight into the life style and values of the Native American. American history portrays the American Indians as savage scalp-hunters when in actuality they were a peaceful spiritual society. This book offers a glance into the everyday life and thoughts of the American Indian. The things Black Elk and his people valued and considered important were in direct contrast to the white settlers. These opposing views and insightful observations offer a blunt look into the wasteful, greedy nature of the early settlers and the dishonesty of the U.S. Government. Reading Black Elk Speaks causes me to respect and love the Native Indians and their ways while producing distain and resentment for the actions of white man. Assessment: Red Road, Black Road,
Hoop of the Nations,
Herb of understanding,
Flowering Tree Symbols: “Road”– Symbolizes your journey through life. The Red Road in Black Elk’s vision moves from south to north. South Some interprets the meaning as: things becoming more difficult. - "A difficult path through life" "things are getting more difficult". Walking North can also be associated with a lack of momentum and inspiration. Black road is a road full of fears, trouble, and departure of the Native American way of life. Hoop - scared, powerful Daybreak herb – herb of understanding. The ability, knowledge, or understanding of solving a problem Flowering Tree - green or flowering tree is a positive symbol; promises life and vitality Tremolo
Mother England
Grandmother’s Land
Black Medicine
Spirit Dance
Pine Ridge
Wounded Knee
red road
black road
blue man
Waphiya the song of the women
white man
Queen Victoria
Sacred fools
gave peace and light
gave warmth, comes the power to grow
gave rain
gave strength and endurance
reservation where Black Elk lived
the end of the dream, the end of a nation
goes north to south, road of good
goes west to east, fearful road, of trouble and war
symbolizes drought and sickness
symbolizes fertility and long life
a good day to die, or come now
I have killed
to pray and to address a relative
a healer, one who makes over Characters:

Black Elk

6 Grandfathers who were the Powers of the World...
West, North, East, South, Sky, and Earth.

Standing Bear

Iron Hawk

Crazy Horse

Sitting Bill

High Horse Great Vision
Horse Vision
First Cure
Dog Vision
Heyoka Ceremony Spirit Journey The Messiah Guaranteed ownership of the Black Hills to the Lakota, and further land and hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. The Powder River Country was to be henceforth closed to all whites. The treaty ended Red Cloud's War.
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