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civil rights

history of the civil rights

derek bereza

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights

people Martin luther king jr Martin luther king jr was a cilvil rights
activist who believed in a peiceful
approach to get their rights he put
together marches boycotts tragicly DR.
King was assassinated. Rosa Parks Rosa parks a regular girl on that day until,
she refused get out of her seat and move to the back of the bus for a white man. she was later arrested and famous ever since Malcolm X Malcolm X was another civil rights activist
leader with a totally different view on things
than DR.King. DR.King believed in peiceful
ways to get the rights Malcolm believed in
"eye for a eye" which basically means u mess
me i will mess with u things wouldnt go un-
punished. Thurgood Marshall Thurgood marshall was the attorney that won
brown vs. board of education. This case desegregated
the schools and allowed african american students
to go to all white schools. Later Thurgood became
the first african american supreme court justice. Organizations KKK BLACK PATHERS NAACP The black panthers were a political
party that was decoted to the self
defense of the african american
population. they werent afraid to
use vilolance to get their message
.across The KKK or Ku Klux Klan were a
pro white party. they hates the
african americans they believed
that they werent as good as the
white race The NAACP or the National association for
the advancment of colore
people. this group faught for the rights of the AA population and continued til they had what they wanted and they are still around today nation of islam The mation of islam was a
religous group founded in
detroit michigan. This group
appealed to african americans
but not to true muslims they
thought it wasnt true islam Strategies sit ins sit ins were when african americans
went and sat at all white counters.
To point out the fact that they wanted
equal rights. they often were meat by
fists and beaten and the african americans
were more often than not arrented even
though they didnt fight back. But they were
deamed as the starters montgonery bus
boycott this was a boycott a result of
rosa parks refusing to give up
her seat to a white man. and
she was arrested for it this
enraged the african american
population. So they boycotted
and crippled the bus system Freedom rides Freedom rides were organized
to test the supreme courts desicion
boyton vs virginia which outlawed
segregation in restaurants and waiting
rooms but they were ofen meat with
resistance and they were beaten and
their buses set on fire
Events Brown vs Board of
education This was a historic case this
case desegregated the schools.
Even after this passed the schools
were hesitant. many school didnt
want to desegregate becuase of the
fear they were inferior Little rock nine The little rock nine were the first
african american students to attend
little rock high school. They tryed to
stop them but they attended and made it
through a year but barly White flight the white flight was when african
americans moved in to a area and
whites were scared and moved
their familys out, Civil rights act 1964 The civil rights act gave all the
rights given to citizens by the
constitution. desegregated
public places,schools and many others
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