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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

No description

adelaine michella

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
marsh (n) very wet, soft ground
moor (n) open, rough, windly land, usually on hills and without trees
grim (adj) frightening and unwelcoming
trick (v) to do something that is not honest in order to get what you want from somebody
supernaturally (adv) with unexplained things that cannot be explained by science
New Vocabularies
The September sun was shining brightly into the windows of 221B Baker Street, and London was enjoying a beautiful late summer. I had finished my breakfast and was reading the newspaper. As usual, Holmes had got up late, and was still eating. We were ...
Sherlock Holmes
good friend
Dr John Watson
Dr James Mortimer
good friend
Sir Charles Baskerville
Yew Alley
Baskerville Hall
221B Baker Street
Sir Henry Baskerville
Laura Lyons
Sir Hugo Baskerville
Jack Stapleton
escaped prisoner
killed by
fell in love with
want to marry
Miss Beryl Stapleton
Holmes and Watson return to Baskerville Hall where, over dinner, the detective stares at Hugo Baskerville's portrait. Calling Watson over after dinner he covers the hair to show the face, revealing its striking likeness to Stapleton. This provides the motive in the crime – with Sir Henry gone, Stapleton could lay claim to the Baskerville fortune, being clearly a Baskerville himself. When they return to Mrs. Lyons’s apartment, Holmes' questioning forces her to admit Stapleton’s role in the letter that lured Sir Charles to his death.
Under the threat of advancing fog, Watson, Holmes, and Lestrade lie in wait outside Merripit House, where Sir Henry has been dining. When the baronet leaves and sets off across the moor, Stapleton lets the hound loose. Holmes and Watson manage to shoot it before it can hurt Sir Henry seriously.
They discover that the hound's hellish appearance was acquired by means of phosphorus. They find Mrs. Stapleton bound and gagged in an upstairs room of Merripit House. When she is freed, she tells them of Stapleton’s hideout; an island deep in the Great Grimpen Mire. They look for him next day, unsuccessfully, and he is presumed dead, having lost his footing and being sucked down into the foul and bottomless depths of the mire.
How did Sir Charles Baskerville die?
What chemical substance that was used by Stapleton for the hound to look more frightening?
Why did Stapleton want to get rid of Sir Henry Baskerville?
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