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No description

D'Atra Hill

on 27 October 2012

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Colonial Pennsylvania The CLIMATE Founding Their are a lot of religions that has prospered over time due to freedom of religion (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr let me tell you why you should pick you should pick In the summer it's:
-around 74F degrees The hot weather is great for farming
goods like:
and is also great for trade for cash crops In the winter it's:
-weather is around 24F degrees The economy has fertile lands, numerous streams ,woodlands,
and access to oceans that makes an easy trade
and makes it easy to transport goods. Abundance of lumber in conjunction with waterways makes a lucrative shipbuilding for the colony Flax and hemp farms advances the textile industry for Pennsylvania corn, rye, and wheat is apart of our food exportation which is also profitable Even though the south has dominated in the tobacco trade industry Pennsylvania has invested in international exploration of iron and paper Gristmills and sawmills are great to crush grain and flour. It's as well a part of our cash crops
In warm weather forests has rich soil for lumbering
and also growing trees Pennsylvania was founded by a kind generous man named William Penn in 1681 Pennsylvania was established because king Charles was giving a payment on a dept to William Penn. Pennsylvania is a proprietary colony . Instead of king Charles giving William Penn money. He offered a land grant because of his dept to William. It gave him the full power to control Pennsylvania. The religion RELIGION their are all types of diffrent religions All religions are welcomed into Pennsylvania like..... German reformists
Mennonites pennsylvania is a place that is considered were anyone could participate their faith freely If I were you I would pick Pennsylvania
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