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Similarities between Comenius countries.

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Oscar Jiménez

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Similarities between Comenius countries.

Similarities among
all COMENIUS countries Estonian Polish Italian Hungarian Portuguese Spanish Dictatorships Similarities among the Southern
Comenius countries ITALY PORTUGAL SPAIN Similarities among Northern
COMENIUS COUNTRIES Southern countries are touristic and very visited because of the sun and the beach. Algarves beach, Portugal Rodas beach, Islas Cies, Spain Sardegna, Italy Hungary, Poland and Estonia
were under Soviet influence. Portuguese, Italian and Spanish
languages come from latin.
te amo/ ti amo/ eu te amo. Crisis Life expectancy Italy and
(79,40) Estonia
(71,20) These three countries became members
of the EU in 2004. Italy and Spain have more or less the same number of Internet users. They are in position
4 and 5 respectively in the ranking of Europe Internet users. 14% English is the most spoken
foreign language by students. INS Mercè Rodoreda
Julia Marcè
Oscar Jiménez
Maria Garcia
Mònica Belenguer Sports All Comenius countries have participated in the
Olympic Games. The most popular drink of Comenius countries is beer: Mc Donald's is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in Europe. Mc Donald's Gastronomy Economy . . . History World Wars All the Comenius countries have had different kinds of dictatorships:
Spain-1939/1975 (Francisco Franco)
Estonia-1939/1989 (Soviet influence)
Poland-1926/1989 (Josef Piłsudski - Soviet Influence)
Hungary-1940/1989(German influence - Soviet influence)
Italy-1922/1943( Benito Mussolini)
Portugal-1932/1974 (Antonio de Oliveira Salazar) Culture Telephone prefixes There are some TV channels
in common. Musical likings Every country has at least one World Heritage site from the Unesco. 10% Spain,Portugal and Estonia
have a similar percentage of obesity Poland and Italy have a similar
percentage of obesity too Estonia At the beginning of the Comenius project, we answered some polls and these are the statistics of the religion and the knowledge of the languages. Most of the students from Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal are catholic. Example: MTV 1st World War 2nd World War Countries that participated in the I World War
Portugal (since March 1916) Countries that participated in the II World War:
-Estonia (USSR)
-Poland (Russian Empire) Webgraphy Telephone prefixes for all the Comenius countries start with 3 except Poland's. Nobel Prizes Italy: +39
Spain: +34
Hungry: +36
Estonia: +372
Portugal: +351 They are in the
Top 20 World most
charitable countries. World Wars Every Comenius country has been more or less affected by the crisis. √All Comenius countries belong the EU. Hungary: Imre Kertész
- (Literature, 2002)

Italy: Carlo Rubbia
- (Physics, 1984)

Poland: Lech Wałęsa
- (Peace, 1983)

Portugal: José Saramago
- (Literature, 1998)

Spain: Santiago Ramón y Cajal
- (Medicine, 1906)

Estonia: Jaan Kross (nominated
several times for the
Nobel Prize for Literature) We all have more or less the same musical likings because they are influenced by countries like USA and the UK I Italy, Poland and Spain
are in top 6 more populated
of the European Union. 1st World War 2nd World War Every Comenius country has VAT All the countries have some similar products

Estonia: 20%
Spain: 21%
Italy: 21%
Poland: 23%
Portugal: 23%
Hungary: 27% General rate of VAT in Comenius countries: Curiosities There are typical dances in every Comenius country. Estonia Spain Hungary Italy Poland Portugal Flamenco Sardana Jota Polka Tarantella O vira Danza de roda Verbunkos Csárdás Folk Grus grus migration route www.fotonatura.org/galerias/fotos/275746 http://www.indexmundi.com/map/ www.youtube.com http://finanzas-personales.practicopedia.lainformacion.com/impuestos/como-es-el-iva-en-los-otros-paises-de-la-union-europea-10923 http://www.comeniusmercerodoreda.eu/home/initial-survey https://www.cia.gov/index.html Yahoo answers http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categor%C3%ADa:Deportes_en_Europa http://www.mtv.es/ Estonia, Spain, Italy, and Portugal use the Euro. http://www.who.int/en/ www.wikipedia.org VAT http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/ Spain, Italy, Hungary
and Poland have high-speed trains.
These high-speed trains can
exceed 250 kilometers per hour. All for one, one for all... The most popular sport in Comenius
countries is football except in Estonia where is skiing. All the countries
are members
of UEFA. Union of
Association We all participate every year in the Eurovision Song Contest. THE END Hope you enjoyed it ;) <3! Trains
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